ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition joins the Amazon marketplace

3 June 2020By Ksenija

Following the cases of ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition and ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition, we released our solution for developers as AMI for deployment on your AWS cloud. Read more for details.

What is ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition

ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition is a collaborative online editing suite that can be integrated as a component in any cloud application with the ability to customize and rebrand it as you please. With Developer Edition license, you can deliver ONLYOFFICE functionality to your own end users.

On the AWS marketplace, it is possible to install ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition server for 250, 500 and 1000 simultaneous connection limits*.

How to deploy

ONLYOFFICE is already packed as Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for effortless instant deployment on Linux (Windows version to come soon) and ready for integration in your application. Follow these steps to deploy ONLYOFFICE on your cloud:

  1. Go to the ONLYOFFICE page on the Amazon Marketplace.
  2. Select the instance type depending on the desired number of connections.



*Simultaneous connections are the maximum number of tabs with documents to be edited online, not number of solution users.

Useful links

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Have any questions? Leave us a comment below to ask them or tell us about your experience with ONLYOFFICE on AWS.