The chronicles of ONLYOFFICE: Year 4

19 May 2020By Ksenija

In continuation of our series of chronicles, this time we are sharing the story of the 4th year of ONLYOFFICE (formerly TeamLab) project. By the beginning of 2013, there were 152,927 TeamLab portals launched in 208 countries all over the world. Read on for more interesting facts.

The 4th year of ONLYOFFICE (formerly TeamLab) project

Year 2013: Important milestones

The Hybrid Version of TeamLab Office. The Hybrid Cloud solution embodied the advantages of private and public clouds. The data of the Projects, CRM, Document, and Community modules was stored in users’ private clouds. Additional services like online office apps and email notifications were provided from a public cloud that allowed us to take care of their maintenance and provide constant updates.

TeamLab PM for iOS. We launched a free project management app for iOS devices. TeamLab PM offered all the basic features of the TeamLab Projects module. It allowed creating and managing projects, milestones, tasks, and subtasks, leading discussions, viewing documents attached to the tasks or projects.

Helping nonprofits. We launched a special initiative for nonprofit organizations so that they could use TeamLab free of charge. Actually, this offer is still available: nonprofit projects can use ONLYOFFICE Cloud Service for free. More info here.

TeamLab 7.4. With this update, we added the possibility to invite guests to the portal enabling them to download documents, view and comment tasks and discussions. We also improved time and payment tracking as well as added tracking of users’ birthdays.

TeamLab Affiliates. We launched the TeamLab Affiliate Program that allowed users to earn from 20% to 50% of their referrals sales. Interested? Learn how to join the current ONLYOFFICE Affiliate program here.

Japanese as a new interface language. Ko Ni Chi Wa! The BNS company that translated TeamLab Office into Korean also helped us prepare the Japanese portal version.

Irish server region. In 2013, we got a new data center for TeamLab servers based in Ireland. From that moment, all European users of TeamLab could select that option while registering or migrating.

A quick reminder: The closer the server location is, the higher your portal performance speed will be. For now, there are three options: EU (Ireland) Region, US West (Oregon) Region and Asia Pacific (Singapore). Get more info in our Help Center.

DOCX, XLSX, PPTX. We said goodbye to TeamLab internal formats (.doct, .xlst, .pptt) and implemented Office Open XML as our core format to ensure highest compatibility with MS Office files.

TeamLab 7.5 with Gantt Chart. We considerably enhanced the CRM functionality and added its integration with the Mail module that let users send emails to all the contacts from their customer databases. The version 7.5 update also brought the long-awaited Gantt Chart for tracking project progress.

New features for TeamLab Online Office apps. TeamLab Document Editor got 28 new spell check languages, the search and replace feature, and drop caps. The TeamLab Spreadsheet Editor got 118 new formulas, auto shapes, and cell’s style. From that moment, users were able to co-edit presentations in real time.

TeamLab Personal. We launched TeamLab Personal, a free solution for individual users where they could store, edit and collaborate on docs online.

Would you like to discover even more amazing facts about ONLYOFFICE history? Stay tuned! A new blog post with our chronicles will go live next week.

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