The chronicles of ONLYOFFICE: Year 2

5 May 2020By Ksenija

In continuation of our series of chronicles, this time we are sharing the story of the second year of ONLYOFFICE (formerly TeamLab) project. In 2011 we first launched a number of productivity tools, stepped into the mobile world, and got wide international recognition.

Year 2011: Important milestones

The birth of Documents, Calendar and CRM. Year 2011 was productive in introduction of major components that are still in use today, although in a more mature form.

First, we launched the Documents module that allowed our users to manage and share their documents in one single place, and even edit them using the integrated OpenOffice editor.

The next to come was Calendar that showed company and personal events, and worked together with project management to sync tasks and milestones. This feature was in popular demand at the time. The functionality of the calendar then expanded with custom event types.

Right after that, the first version of our CRM came to life. It featured four components – Contacts, Tasks, Opportunities and Cases. All these were already interconnected, and there was already a way to work with associated documents from the very beginning.

Access rights management in the modules. The first steps to flexibility in privacy in our solutions came along with the newborn components. At this point users were able to create private projects and set up access rights within the teams, grant individual and group permissions for documents, and manage the CRM with a set of admin permissions. Big things have small beginnings.

Time tracking in Projects. A notable refreshment was done in project management module too, with introduction of Time Tracking tool and the module’s overall optimization.

Introduction of security scanning tool. Coming as a spin-off solution from the project, TeamLab online scanner was a supplement online tool for eliminating malware and threats on the user machines, including viruses, trojans, rootkits, zero-day files, damaged system files and settings.

New mobile tools: project management. In the blossom of early 10’s smartphone world, we were quickly catching up and introduced mobile project management interface in TeamLab mobile that helped view, manage and create all levels of project structure on Android and iOS devices.

New mobile tools: Documents. The next instrument to create a pocket version for was the document management module which then allowed browsing, viewing and managing files stored on the portals.

Further localization of the solutions. With our own efforts and the help from our translators community, in 2011 we managed to give our users interfaces in Italian, Turkish, Greek, Czech and Chinese, making it a total of 13 available languages. This was possible with our own translation system that is still up and running today.

Moving to HTTPS. While less then a third of web traffic was using HTTP at the time, we acknowledged the constant evolution of online security threats and decided to switch all portals to HTTPS protocol.

Registration of TeamLab trademark. The project grew steadily by 300% in the first half of the year, showing the figures of over 115,000 active users, 36,500 created portals and 76,000 launched projects. Convinced in TeamLab’s future success, we trademarked it in the USA and began our way to establishment on the international level.

Come back next week to see what was next in ONLYOFFICE history. And don’t forget to share your own stories with us via Twitter or using comment section bellow.