ONLYOFFICE integrates with Maarch to ensure efficient correspondence management

15 May 2020By Mary

ONLYOFFICE is proud to announce its official partnership with Maarch, a French open source developer of enterprise content management solutions. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at the goals of this integration, the role of ONLYOFFICE, and the first promising results.


About Maarch

Since 2006, Maarch has been developing open source solutions specialized in improving document workflow: Electronic Correspondence Manager, electronic archiving, electronic signature service. Every day, hundreds of clients and more than 100.000 users cope with their work tasks using Maarch solutions.

Maarch provides organizations with the tools that ensure electronic processing and archiving of high volumes of correspondence (paper, mail, fax, and other traditional methods) and documents. In 2017, Maarch joined the Xelians group, the French leader of third-party archiving (both physical and digital) and document processing. With 11.000 clients in all sectors (industry, banking, insurance, public sector, healthcare, media, etc.), Xelians operates storage sites and develops its digital activities.

What ONLYOFFICE brings to Maarch Courrier

Over the last 12 years, Maarch Courrier, an open source comprehensive solution, has become the primary tool that allows capturing incoming paper-based and digital correspondence, tracking all messages, appropriately processing and responding to, signing and approving, creating and archiving, searching for emails and documents. It also offers such useful features as content management, version control, office templates, statistics, etc.

Starting from version 20.03, Maarch Courrier Maarch Courrier integrates online suite ONLYOFFICE to ensure efficient work on office documents on any device. Now, users are able to:

    • create a new document, as an attachment or a draft reply, in ONLYOFFICE and then send it in a workflow for signature or spread information among colleagues;


Thus, all draft replies and attachments can be edited in their native format right inside the correspondence management system.

    • save mail as a document and store it in a DMS.

To do this, just click on the “Save a message” icon:


ONLYOFFICE editor will be loaded on the right side of the screen:


Deployed on-premises, ONLYOFFICE allows Maarch Courrier to keep full control over the stored data and manage user access.

If you are interested to try Maarch Courrier and explore all the features that ONLYOFFICE offers within its service, access the demo version.

ONLYOFFICE – Maarch cooperation: goals, achievements and mutual benefits

Jean-Louis Ercolani, CEO at Maarch, explains their decision to integrate the ONLYOFFICE suite into Maarch Courrier:

The integration of ONLYOFFICE into the heart of Maarch Courrier allows us to overcome a crucially important technology barrier. Due to security issues, document editing with MS Word or LibreOffice involved the use of Java app. To build and deploy this solution, we faced the following challenges: heterogeneity of tools and devices, security constraints, remote access, document editing from tablets, and mobile phones. Thanks to ONLYOFFICE, the integration became lighter, easier, and more secure. Finally, we could launch Maarch Courrier as a SaaS.

As confirmed by Galina Goduhina, Sales Director at ONLYOFFICE, this technical cooperation proves also very promising for ONLYOFFICE:

This cooperation will enable us to work even more closely with French businesses and organizations, and also some foreign markets where Maarch operates. Our common clients are currently in the process of signing the first agreements. What’s more, it offers us a great opportunity to promote ONLYOFFICE tools, raise our credibility within open source community, and attract contributors, users, and talented developers.

Integration roadmap

Maarch has ambitious plans to add editing features to its new open source tool Maarch Parapheur that allows electronically signing documents on a computer or mobile devices. At the final stage, ONLYOFFICE will allow the signatories to make last-minute changes before signing the document.

Reaching out to the new markets

We believe that success is best when it’s shared. Therefore, ONLYOFFICE constantly seeks ways to bring its collaborative technologies to companies and individuals worldwide that need professional office solutions adapted to their working needs and business environment. Our partners and resellers are a great help in this mission.

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