ONLYOFFICE in language schools: how to improve workflow and boost productivity

8 May 2020By Sergey

Running a language schools is not just about giving classes. It also involves creating lesson content, document management, making attendance reports, managing a client database, lesson scheduling, communicating with teachers and learners, etc. Read this article to find out how ONLYOFFICE can help language schools manage all these processes and improve workflow.

ONLYOFFICE, language school, workflow management

Create and edit lesson content

Use ONLYOFFICE editors to create learning materials for your language school. Make use of ONLYOFFICE formatting and styling tools to create informative grammar and vocabulary guides, notes, handouts for lessons, presentations, etc. Use the Content Controls feature to prepare customized tests with input fields that can be filled by learners. Insert various types of content controls:

  • plain and rich text,
  • pictures,
  • combo boxes,
  • drop-down lists,
  • dates
  • check boxes.

After finishing the tests, just share the docs with your learners granting Form Filling access rights.

Useful tip: use the in-built plugins (for example, Thesaurus and Translator) to work on your documents more effectively. Read more about the available plugins in our Help Center.

Organize a well-structured space for documentation

ONLYOFFICE allows remote team members to organize a common space to store all documentation in one place and structure it according to your needs. Create special folders for all learning groups and language levels (for example, A1, A2, B1, B2. etc.). Create a common directory for teachers and one for learners. Keep all confidential information in a separate folder and make sure that unauthorized users don’t have access.

Useful tip: if you want to restrict access or grant full access to a document, set the appropriate permission in the Sharing Settings window. Find out more about managing documentation and setting permissions here.

ONLYOFFICE, settings, document sharing

Create and manage projects with ease

Create a project for each learning group and define their main goals. Make sure that all learners will succeed in learning a foreign language by setting milestones and assigning tasks and subtasks to teachers. Monitor the effectiveness of the learning process by analysing the reports made by teachers and use Gantt charts to visualize the project schedule.

Useful tip: if you face some problems when completing a project, you can start a discussion right within the projects module to discuss everything with your team. More information about project management in our Help Center.

Manage a customer database in a simple manner

Use the CRM module to create a customer database and add contact information manually or automatically through a website contact form. Divide your contacts into different types (for example, beginners, pre-intermediate, intermediate or advanced learners) and add tags to facilitate the contact search process. Make an invoice and send it to your customers.

Useful tip: using the VoIP functionality, you can receive incoming calls from your customers and make outgoing calls right from your ONLYOFFICE portal. More information about the functionality of the CRM module here.

Plan events and lessons

Create personal timetables for your teachers so that they can’t miss a lesson. Create all-day, multi-day, and recurring events (seminars, demo lessons or open days). Using the calendar, you can track your projects and CRM tasks. Receive notifications about upcoming birthdays of teachers and learners. Add an iCal feed from Google, Apple iCal or Yahoo! and synchronize your calendar using CalDAV protocol.

Useful tip: send invitations to learners inviting them to attend your events. Read more about the Calendar module in Help Center.

ONLYOFFICE, calendar, event adding

Work with email messages effectively

Add a mail server using your domain name to create corporate mailboxes for your teachers. Collect, process and store all correspondence in one place. Organize your inbox efficiently by structuring correspondence into categories, drag and drop emails to folders, and use filters to sort e-mail automatically. Use ready templates to communicate with your customers.

Useful tip: attach files to your emails right from the Documents module or edit the attachments directly from the email. Learn more about the Mail module here.

Create an internal social network

Build an internal social network for your language school by using the tools available in the Community module:

  • Blogs. Teachers and learners can create their blogs to share their experience and knowledge. Blogs can be also used to make announcements.
  • Forums. Discuss all issues and announcements with teachers and learners.
  • Wiki. Store and organize information by creating a knowledge base on any topic (grammar, vocabulary, etc.).
  • Bookmarks. Share links to the resources that you find useful for both teachers and learners.
  • Talk. Use the in-built instant messenger for quick communication.
  • Polls. Use this tool to get feedback from your learners to improve the learning process.

Useful tip: Create a corporate blog for your language school for posting the latest news, educational articles, orders, and announcements. Read more in our Help Center.


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