New plugins in ONLYOFFICE editors: Mendeley VS Zotero

14 May 2020By Ksenija

Great news everyone!

ONLYOFFICE developers created two more helpful plugins, Mendeley and Zotero, which stand next to EasyBib in our collection of perfect tools for building high quality bibliographies for papers and books.

Get to know the new plugins

Mendeley and Zotero are free reference management services that allow searching and managing publication references and creating bibliographies.

The new plugins allow searching the references from the library and inserting them into your documents using over 7000 available citation styles. In a few clicks you get a beautiful wholesome bibliography which otherwise would take you hours to manually research and compose.

Mendeley plugin

Zotero plugin

Zotero VS Mendeley

Feature-wise both plugins offer similar functionality and the interface, which makes them equally comprehensive.

One core difference is that while Mendeley plugin is able to search sources in public libraries, Zotero works only with user’s personal library associated with the account. The desired sources must be added to your library in Zotero before you can search and add them to your bibliography via plugin.

Getting started

Currently, Mendeley and Zotero plugins are available for on-premise versions of ONLYOFFICE. Soon, they will become available in other solutions too.

Both plugins need to be installed and configured manually in ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition, ONLYOFFICE Community Edition and ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition or ONLYOFFICE Document Server integrated with a third-party solution (e.g. Nextcloud or ownCloud). Visit Mendeley or Zotero plugin page on GitHub respectively to read about installation and configuration.

In both cases you will need to create an account within the service to connect your plugin to before you start working with it in ONLYOFFICE. You can access the log in/sign in page directly from both plugins.

How to use the plugins

To insert a bibliography in your document using Mendeley or Zotero:

  • Find the needed plugin in the Plugins tab and run it.
  • In the menu, search the desired source by author, title or year.
  • Select the citation style in the drop-down list or type to search for it.
  • Choose the language.
  • Click Insert Bibliography.
Got ideas for new plugins?

If you wish to use your favorite service via plugin in ONLYOFFICE, you are welcome to submit your ideas to our team. Tweet us and we will give it a chance.

You can also create plugins yourself using our API instructions. Learn how to create plugins for ONLYOFFICE editors in our blog.

Got any questions? Drop us a line in the comments below.