Integrating ONLYOFFICE in Seafile within UCS

16 April 2020By Ksenija

Hello everyone!

A while ago, our technical partner Seafile presented their solution in Univention App Center, giving UCS users one more sharing environment to use ONLYOFFICE with. Read this blog to learn more about this integration.

Seafile in UCS

In the universe of UCS apps, Seafile Professional is one of the available open-source file collaboration and sharing platforms that allows storing and managing documents, instantly sharing and collaborating on them using collaborative office suites.

Being a popular choice among European and world educational establishments, Seafile is a perfect fit for the users of Univention environments that seek open and secure collaborative solutions for composing their private infrastructures.

ONLYOFFICE integration

Our project has a history of fruitful technical partnership with Seafile. Presence of both solutions in the Univention App Center brings about the new opportunities for cooperation and innovation.

With ONLYOFFICE online collaborative editors connected to the Seafile Professional instance, it is possible to:

  • Create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations in DOCX, XLSX and PPTX formats respectively;
  • Co-edit them in real time, use comments and chat;
  • Connect ONLYOFFICE mobile editors to Seafile via WebDAV.
How to start

To start using ONLYOFFICE in Seafile within UCS:

  1. Get and install ONLYOFFICE.
  2. Get and install Seafile Professional app.
  3. ONLYOFFICE instance will be automatically identified and integrated.




Useful links

ONLYOFFICE can also be used within UCS in a combo with Nextcloud or ownCloud, also available as virtual appliances.

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Connect ONLYOFFICE mobile apps for Android or iOS to Seafile via WebDAV.

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