ONLYOFFICE Editors v.5.5: A big update with document comparison, new content controls and more

10 March 2020By Ksenija

Great news, everyone!

Version 5.5 of ONLYOFFICE online editors is already available with lots of enhancements, including document comparison, new types of content controls, mirror and gutter margins, custom sorting in spreadsheets, and even more.

ONLYOFFICE Editors v.5.5

Document editor

Document editor got several professional features.

Compare documents with ease

You are now able to quickly compare two documents and see the differences between them with revision marks (there are 3 display modes, like in reviewing). No single change, even the minor one, will go unnoticed what’s especially important when you often have to deal with contracts or other legal documents.

You can accept and reject changes one by one or all at once, as well as merge the changes and save them as a new version of the compared document.

Where to find: Collaboration tab

Compare documents in ONLYOFFICE

Create smarter forms and templates

Along with plain and rich text controls you get new types of content controls for creating forms with input fields:

  • combo boxes,
  • check boxes,
  • drop-down lists,
  • dates,
  • pictures.

Where to find: Insert tab → Content Controls

Content controls in ONLYOFFICE

Prepare docs for publishing

Give your documents a professional layout by setting mirror and gutter margins for pages that will be bound together.

Where to find: Layout tab → Margins → Custom margins

Mirror and gutter margins in ONLYOFFICE

Structure illustrations with captions

Version 5.5 allows you to label images, shapes, tables, charts, and equations by adding captions to make your document more structured and easy to follow.

Where to find: Object context menu

Spreadsheet editor

Work with spreadsheets became even more convenient and effective.

Analyze data quickly

Use the newly added Custom Sort option to create your own rules for sorting data.

Where to find: Data tab

Custom Sort in ONLYOFFICE spreadsheets

Print sheets with ease

Printing can be very annoying, especially if your spreadsheet is too wide or too tall to fit on a single page. Use Scale to Fit option to make your worksheet fit a printed page.

Where to find: Layout tab

Scale to Fit option in ONLYOFFICE spreadsheets

More features in spreadsheets available
  • Control the alignment of graphic objects (images, shapes and charts) with the Cell Snapping option;
  • Fill cells with colors, patterns and gradients;
  • Perform actions (move, delete, copy, hide, etc.) with several worksheets in bulk;
  • Re-calculate formulas in entire workbook or your current sheet after performing actions that may have influenced your data (e.g. entering new data, inserting/deleting rows);
  • Add custom separators for thousands and decimals;
  • Adjust spellchecker settings to ignore words in uppercase or words with numbers.


Presentation editor

Quickly add tables, shapes, charts, and images to the slide layout, as well as add objects to placeholder.

Add to Layout in ONLYOFFICE presentations

It’s now possible to instantly reset the slide layout if e.g. your co-author messed up while collaborating on the presentation.

Further improvements in all editors

You can change your lists alignment, bullets size/color, choose new types of bullets from the symbol table and quickly manage multilevel lists.

Remove comments in one click using the newly added button in the Collaboration tab which is now also available if the document is shared with the Comment access rights.


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New features around solutions

Version 5.5 has been released for server solutions and soon will be available for our cloud users.

Document comparison, adding content controls, and mobile web editors are designed for:

Taking into consideration various users’ needs, we came to a decision to add more professional features for enterprise users. Besides, we’re planning to make integration of ONLYOFFICE in other solutions and services easier. We’re sure the new version still brings a lot of useful features for home users.

The full changelog is available on GitHub. For more instructions, consult our Help Center.

ONLYOFFICE for integration with sync and share solutions

You can use the new version of ONLYOFFICE within the sync and share platform of your choice, e.g. ownCloud, Nextcloud, Seafile. See list of all integrations here or try ONLYOFFICE editors now.



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