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12 March 2020 By Vlad 0 1,259 views

Recently ONLYOFFICE has updated its editors to v. 5.5 and broadened their set of features. Particularly, they obtained an opportunity to compare documents. Read this post to learn the details.

Document comparison in ONLYOFFICE v.5.5

About document comparison

The Document comparison feature is available in the Collaboration tab. It is a very useful feature for users working with similar texts, for example legal statements, and want to find differences between them quickly, make amendments and edit the output text seamlessly. The two versions can also be merged into one document, if needed.

How to compare documents

Follow these simple steps below to get familiar with document comparison.

  • Open the first document in ONLYOFFICE.
  • Upload the second document from file or from URL using the Collaboration tab.
  • Open Display mode to see changes between the two documents, original text and final version of a document.
  • Changes will be highlighted and you can accept or reject them all or one by one.

    Please see the detailed guide on document comparison in our Help Center.

What else should I know


  • Please note that if a word contains a new symbol or lacks one, the whole word will be marked as a change.
  • If you compare one of the files saved on your portal, the additional option of uploading a document from storage appears.
  • All changes made in the Review mode will be accepted after comparison. A reviewer will be considered an author of the output document.
  • Document comparison will be available in the commercial solutions of ONLYOFFICE, i.e. Enterprise Edition, Integration Edition and Developer Edition. Cloud version and online version for personal use obtain this feature too.
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