ONLYOFFICE gets its app on Cloudron with easy and quick installation

20 February 2020By Vlad

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that ONLYOFFICE editors are now available as a one-click app on Cloudron. It takes just one click to install ONLYOFFICE on your server. Read this article for further details.

ONLYOFFICE on Cloudron

About Cloudron

Cloudron is a platform providing smooth and effortless system administration for self-hosted open-source tools. It is constantly growing and now offers a fair number of stable apps, built-in mail server with multi-domain support, regular backups and flexible access rights management. With sandboxing, SSL, rate limits and other data control approaches, Cloudron sets its priority on security.

ONLYOFFICE within Cloudron infrastructure

Cloudron users mention work with documents as one of their top demands. Now they are able to use ONLYOFFICE to edit documents collaboratively and share them in Nextcloud giving the recipients different access rights.

ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud running on Cloudron is a perfect match because their deep integration provides users with a complete alternative to public clouds and gives them back digital sovereignty.

Stephan Luckow, Partner Manager at Cloudron:

We are pleased to have ONLYOFFICE as a partner in our software offering for Cloudron customers. Together we develop solutions with built-in privacy.

ONLYOFFICE on Cloudron: how to get started

ONLYOFFICE has to be set up alongside Nextcloud to provide editors. Use this brief instruction to run the app:

  • If you already have Nextcloud on your Cloudron account, install ONLYOFFICE app.
  • Configure it following simple steps listed on this page.
Useful links

If you’re new to Cloudron, install Cloudron on your server, then set up Nextcloud and follow the instruction above.

See the full list of ONLYOFFICE ready-to-use connectors.

Visit Cloudron App Store to see all apps available.

We hope this article was helpful for you. Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts and ideas or just tweet us at @only_office.