FOSDEM 2020: ONLYOFFICE highlights

11 February 2020By Ksenija

Shortly after CS3, we visited another event meaningful for European open-source community: FOSDEM 2020 in Brussels. Read more in this post.

A meeting place for the bright minds

FOSDEM is an absolutely open and free event for developers, open-source vendors and enthusiasts to meet, share their ideas and news, and discuss the latest in open source.

The program provides more than 800 lectures and lightning talks, vendor stands and devrooms, series of independent events called FOSDEM Fringe, and even opportunities to take developer certification exams right at the conference.

The Solbosch campus of the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) became home for 20th edition of FOSDEM, hosting the busy public across five buildings and over 30 rooms.

FOSDEM main stage auditorium

ONLYOFFICE and friends

ONLYOFFICE technical specialists Sergey Linnik (Senior Developer) and Alex Mikheev (Head of Professional Services) teamed up with Nextcloud and DAVx⁵ at the booth next to other collaborative software projects in Building H.

ONLYOFFICE, Nextcloud and DAVx⁵ teams at the booth

Taking over the stage

We like telling people about what we are working on. Have a look at the devroom talk by Alex named ‘How to securely collaborate on documents within content management applications’:

ONLYOFFICE editors also appeared in a number of talks by our partners: CryptPad, XWiki and Nextcloud, to name a few.

Questions meet answers

Let’s have a look at what interested people the most at FOSDEM:

Clusterization. Is it possible to install ONLYOFFICE as an efficient and fault-tolerant cluster? Yes, it is, and you can read more about it in our Help Center.

ODF support. An eternal classic that never fades on our question shelf. ONLYOFFICE fully supports ODF using conversion to process these files, and the quality is always improving. Read about ODF and how it works in ONLYOFFICE in our blog article.

External links for OLE objects. Yes, but now we only work with our own OLE objects and are definitely planning to introduce the support for other types too. Read our plugin documentation for more details.

Pivot tables. ONLYOFFICE already supports pivot tables for viewing, and editing will be in one of the upcoming versions of the editors. Read how ONLYOFFICE works with pivot tables in the Help Center.

WOPI support. We are working on support for this standard, and we believe it will give ONLYOFFICE better interoperability and make the lives of our users easier. If you have an opinion on this, please share your thoughts in the comments.

Security of service requests. Without legitimate access, it is impossible to corrupt or replace files thanks to JWT.

Dealing with multiple interfaces. Having a single engine for all editors, it’s much easier to release new features simultaneously, even for the mobile devices.

ONLYOFFICE team size. We have a good hundred of in-house employees, and a quarter of them are developing ONLYOFFICE editors.

Until next time!

This was a pure dose of endorphins thanks to the FOSDEM team, University of Brussels and the wonderful community. We hope to see everyone again soon!

Sergey and Alex from ONLYOFFICE with Stathis Eiosifidis

ULB Campus

ULB Campus

ULB Campus

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