ONLYOFFICE on holidays: an office suite has never been that important

30 December 2019 By Vlad 0 112

Have to drudge at the office on the New Year holidays?

Well, it can’t be helped – your boss seems to consider you as one of the most responsible employees. So your job must be as productive as it has always been. If it is all about monotonous clicking the same buttons, try everything ONLYOFFICE editors may offer!

Let your boss be truly proud of you, when they get back after the days-off. Our plugins are here to help you!

Improve your intellectual skills

A good manager is a cold-blooded strategist with rational thinking. There’s nothing better to train these skills than a game of chess. Start one in your Document Editor and suggest your boss to play! They will probably tell you that you fool around at work. But don’t pay much attention to it, they’re just afraid that you can defeat them!

A new language is a new life

Got your CV in English? Use our translator to have one in Estonian. Now translate it into Hindi. Then into Persian. Keep going, we are almost there! Translate what you’ve got into Russian. And then back into English. Done! Certainly, you couldn’t even imagine what a valuable employee you are.

He who sings, frightens away his ills

Christmas and New Year is the time of carols. Remember the words? Make the Document Editor sing Jingle Bells or Let It Snow for you with our Text-to-Speech function. You surely deserve it.

East or West, have a rest

Well, perhaps it’s time to put your work aside. Tired, aren’t you? Let’s have a break and think about the colleagues. Surprise them and paint their portraits using shapes. Again, creative people are always in demand.

Make haste slowly

Remember that not all working days are as busy as today. Save some funny videos from YouTube in the document with your annual report for the next year and entertain yourself when you have some time to unwind a bit. No, you’re not just passing hours idly. Everything done with an office suite is about tremendously difficult office job. Take things easy!


Well done, workaholic! It was a long and fruitful day, so you must be really proud of you. Don’t forget to ask for a promotion when your boss gets back. They can’t take such a multiskilled specialist for granted!

We hope these several days at the office will be fun for you. Got more ideas how to entertain yourself at work? Share them in comments below.

Happy Holidays!


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