How to use email templates in ONLYOFFICE 10.5

28 November 2019By Nadya

Good news for those who are tired of typing the same reply all over again. We’ve got email templates now!

Learn how to work with your emails quicker in ONLYOFFICE 10.5.

What are email templates?

Templates allow you to type less and send emails faster. For example, if you get the same questions again and again, you can save your reply as a template and then quickly insert it into any email.

In ONLYOFFICE 10.5, templates are enabled by default. There is a special folder for your templates, you can find it next to Drafts.

What can I add to a template?

Apart from the text, you can add these elements to your template:

  • To, CC, and BCC fields
  • Subject
  • Important flag
  • Attachments.
How to create a new template?

Easy-peasy. Choose one of the following ways:

  • If it’s your first time, open the Templates folder and press Compose the first template.
  • Compose a new message and use the Save button (you can choose between saving as a draft or a template).
  • Choose an existing message and drag and drop it to the Templates folder, or use the Move to menu.
  • Create a new message and click the Templates button.

What else do I need to know?

You can manage your templates just like you do with any messages. This information might be useful:

  • Autosaving is not enabled for templates, so you’ll need to save your changes manually.
  • In Common settings, you can choose whether you want to completely replace the text of the email when you insert a template or not. If you choose not to do this, the text from the template will be inserted BEFORE the text from the original email.
  • When you delete a mailbox, you will be asked whether you want to transfer the templates and drafts to another active mailbox.
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