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31 October 2019 By Mike 2 290

Hello everyone!

Our project is on the hunt for its spiritual creature. For this reason, we are opening a contest among our users and the community to create one and make it our official symbol. Read the details in this post.

For quite some time, the idea of creating a project’s mascot has lived in our heads. We’ve gone through multiple variants, but the decision was hard to make. In the end, we decided that this privilege is better off given to those who sustain ONLYOFFICE, help it grow and prosper: our users.

What we expect from our mascot

It should represent some of our values – collaboration, productivity, privacy and openness.
It can be a real/mythical animal, a mix of animals, a completely new creature, an object brought to life, or even a human.
It must look unique, smart and cute.

How to submit your ideas

You can share your ideas in any form – hand or digital drawing/painting, a short written description, or even a couple of words.

Your submissions are welcome via email: Please mention “ONLYOFFICE mascot” in the title, so we don’t miss your contribution.

The deadline is December 15th 2019.

Choosing the winner

After we review all the ideas, we will choose the most appealing one and ask our designers (if needed) to make it real and alive. The mascot will become a symbol of ONLYOFFICE project and accompany its image in multiple ways. The author will be awarded with a special gift, which we will reveal on the Christmas Day.

We wish you endless inspiration and a good luck!

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  1. Nathan Herman - Reply
    December 1, 2019 at 6:22 am

    I just sent my mascot out! Looking forward to what the ONLYOFFICE Marketing Team thinks!

    • Ksenija - Reply
      December 3, 2019 at 4:15 pm

      Hi Nathan! Thanks a lot for your submission! You have already been answered per Email.

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