ONLYOFFICE at ownCloud Conference ‘19: how it was

1 October 2019 By Mike 0 332

Hello everyone!

On September 17 and 18 our team went to Nuremberg, attending annual conference organized by our technical partner ownCloud. Read about our achievements and impressions in this post.

About the conference

What: ownCloud Conference 2019
Where: Nuremberg Institute of Technology
When: 17-20 September 2019
Participants: ownCloud team and community, ownCloud partners, tech companies and enterprises, universities, research organizations
Program: Talks from ownCloud executives and team (achievements and roadmap), partner talks about apps in ownCloud ecosystem, forthcoming workshops and Hackaday.
ONLYOFFICE team: Galina (Head of Sales), Mikhail (Marketing Communications), Alex (Head of Professional Services), Alex (Chief Architect), Sergey (Senior Developer)


Day one, opened with a welcome speech of platform’s CEO Tobias Gerlinger and COO Holger Dyroff, was dedicated to achievements and plans of ownCloud itself. It was followed by announcements of ownCloud Server 10, iOS app, and the detailed tour around ambitious ownCloud Infinite Scale project.

Later, ownCloud design team explained the radically new Phoenix interface, a topic many times brought up at the conference as the milestone of ownCloud’s new user experience era.

The second day was titled “Future Open Source App Stack” brought the partner and contributor section to the show. The appropriate introduction was the discussion about why people choose to contribute to open source by Franka Ellen Wittek, and then the stage was overtaken by Univention, privacyIDEA, Kopano, CERN and other fellow partners including ONLYOFFICE.

At the conference backstage, our developer team took time to get together with folks from ownCloud to discuss mobile development, catch up with platform’s novelties and do some planing ahead.

Segey Linnik, Senior Developer at ONLYOFFICE:

We did a great work in discussing the integration into ownCloud’s new architecture (Infinite Scale), talked through Federated Share collaboration and clarified the points about modernizing the mobile integration. We are happy to have done so much in this limited timespan. It is always a pleasure to meet our fellow developers in person.

The whole time the main hall was occupied by lively networking among visitors and organizers sharing knowledge (and contacts) and in the meantime swarming coffee machine and the buffet.

Our experience and impressions

ONLYOFFICE took the spotlight with the presentation about advanced collaboration in ownCloud on the second day of the event. We joined in with our recent news from connector and editors releases, including new and upcoming advanced sharing permissions, security controls and the launch of Public Cloud.

We as well shared our plans for deeper integration in ownCloud: broader experience on mobile, federated share collaboration, ONLYOFFICE VIP Cloud and other teasers from the future versions.

Galina Godukhina, Head of Sales at ONLYOFFICE:

It is always a pleasure to have a chance to meet ONLYOFFICE customers face-to-face and get the most recent feedback to new features and our roadmap. ownCloud team helps us to support the integration of our online document editors up-to-date and gives us brilliant ideas to next releases.

Neither we missed the chance to meet our friends and partners from sciebo, Switch, CERN, GWDG, Surf, Kopano, Univention and others, share thoughts about each other’s projects and create some new bounds. We are always keen on work that gives something back, which we see from the examples in various spheres, and especially the education and research sector.

Holger Angenent, sciebo project leader:

This year’s ownCloud conference created a strong spirit of optimism. With a new architecture, ownCloud will be ready for the challenges of the next decade. It will deliver a strong basis for the work with ONLYOFFICE so that the users are able to work on their documents even better.

If you visited this year’s ownCloud conference too, don’t hesitate to share your own impressions below in comments. See you next year!

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