ONLYOFFICE is back from Nextcloud Conference and Enterprise Day 2019

27 September 2019 By Mike 0 416

Hello everyone!

Last week, our team, full of enthusiasm and fueled by a great amount of networking, returned from two important events organized by our technical partner Nextcloud.

ONLYOFFICE team represented by Galina (Head of Sales), Mikhail (Marketing Communications), Alex (Head of Professional Services), Alex (Chief Architect) and Sergey (Senior Developer) arrived to German capital Berlin to get together with developers, enthusiasts and companies coming across Europe and the rest of the globe to Nextcloud Conference and Enterprise Day annually. Here are our impressions from both events.


Where: TU Berlin
When: 14-15 September 2019
Program: Keynotes, Talks, Ligntning talks, Panels, Workshops, Enterprise Day
Participants: Nextcloud team and contributing community, software partners, open-source developers and enthusiasts, universities and research organizations
ONLYOFFICE activities: partner booth, lightning talk


Photo: Nextcloud

Activities and impressions

The conference started with an insightful opening keynote from Frank Karlitschek (CEO of Nextcloud) that also featured Nextcloud 17. In addition to this talk, over the two days the Nextcloud team gave everyone a deep dive in solution’s design and security performance, and told how to contribute to Nextcloud itself and its app environment.

The topics of today’s political agendas, role of open-source and software in public life had their full spotlight too.

Mikhail Korotaev, Marketing Communications manager at ONLYOFFICE:

These were two days of vivid inspiration. Jillian York’s talk about media censorship and freedom of speech, Thomas Lohninger’s on how FOSS helps protect digital rights, Renata Avila’s about resistance to digital colonialism, and many other powerful contributions brought up a rich discussion of modern digital dilemmas and how we, as a community, can solve them.

In the meantime, we shared the floor with our colleagues, other partners of Nextcloud project: Univention, openSUSE, Bareos, Nitrokey, CZ.NIC and others. This not only left our bags full of cool merchandise, but first of all got us to know the environment better, in person and in the auditorium.

Among other partner organizations, ONLYOFFICE had its spot in the lightning talk session. Galina Goduhina gave a presentation of ONLYOFFICE project, describing its role in Nextcloud family, what’s new in ONLYOFFICE integration and where the project is headed.

The cherry on the pie were the workshops and one-to-one sessions with Nextcloud developers where our technical teams took time to discuss issues, troubleshoot a little bit, and think through the future steps, which will inevitably result in our next releases.

Sergey Linnik, Senior Developer at ONLYOFFICE:

This was a productive weekend that helped our teams resolve a range of issues and find better commons in Nextcloud integration. Wider collaboration improvements are ahead in federated cloud sharing, watermarking, interface and other areas. Besides, now we have a solid ground for improving mobile integration with better knowledge of Nextcloud mobile environments.

Enterprise Day

When: 16th September
Where: Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz
Participants: Nextcloud team and partners + IT professionals and Enterprises
ONLYOFFICE presentation: “Advanced document collaboration for your enterprise” presented by Mikhail Korotaev
Achieved goals: intense networking with existing and potential customers, many new contacts, ability to showcase our recent novelties and future plans

Presentation was our key activity on the Enterprise Day. Along with casting light on freshly released functionality and future releases, we brought up discussion about concepts such as security restrictions in document sharing and ONLYOFFICE Public Cloud integration.

Recalling the interest from the audience, we understood that end-to-end encryption and document security in Nextcloud have their viable prospects, while enhancing mobile editing is more important than ever. The roadmap is all set.

But speaking was not the only reason we joined the show that day. Seeing what was released around ONLYOFFICE in Nextcloud ecosystem, including platform’s own detailed set of showcases, is a meaningful experience. Besides, there was a glimpse of some ambitious stories featuring ONLYOFFICE, such as Renater and University of Nantes, which always makes us happy.

Galina Godukhina, Head of Sales at ONLYOFFICE:

That was a very interesting experience, as usual for ONLYOFFICE team, to meet old friends and new users, work with Nextcloud together on great ideas to make Nextcloud work smoothly with the most secure online office – the solution which is really highly required not only by the big customers who care about safety of the corporate data, but also by the community in general, to securely work on the documents online.

Have you also attended Nextcloud Conference 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and until next time!

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