Month of discounts & some nostalgia for ONLYOFFICE’s 9th birthday

4 July 2019 By Nadya 0 203

Our project turns 9 this year. To celebrate this, we are going to do two things: 1) dive deep into nostalgia remembering good ol’ days and deploying ancient versions of TeamLab (the old name of ONLYOFFICE) 2) flood you with discounts and special offers some of which are up to 99%.

Can we interest you in celebrating with us?

ONLYOFFICE turns nine

Get nostalgic with us

It has been 9 years! We can hardly believe that as it feels like it was only one or two years ago when we decided to switch from making multimedia apps to working on office apps and created TeamLab.

Here are 9 facts about TeamLab ONLYOFFICE:

1. It all started with the platform we created for internal collaboration. It had blogs, forums, and… an app for ordering food (we wonder where did that one go, huh?).

2. The first idea was to create an open platform for communities. Yeah, we imagined fans of J.R.R. Tolkien organizing convents using TeamLab.

3. TeamLab used to look like this:


4. Document management was different back then:


5. The first document editing option we added in 2009 was a nightmare. When you pressed Open file, an exe file was downloaded to your PC. It was OpenOffice with the pre-installed plugin. The document from your portal was opened in OpenOffice and, after editing, saved back to the cloud. It was so bad, that we decided to write our own editors.

6. In 2012, we introduced the 1st HTML5-based document editors at CeBIT:

7. Here is what it looked like:

8. Co-editing was added in 2013. Back then we had only Strict mode when you lock the part of the doc you are working on, and nobody sees what you are typing until you hit Save. Fast co-editing mode appeared in 2016.

9. TeamLab changed its name to ONLYOFFICE and opened the source code in 2014. We never regretted that.

Now you know about TeamLab. We love how it evolved from one solution for communities and SMB to office apps for everyone, and you know what? This month you can get any of our solutions with a great discount!

Get a holiday discount

From July 1 till July 31 we are giving presents for ONLYOFFICE birthday. We have a special calendar where new discounts and offers appear everyday.

There you can find discounts on:

  • ONLYOFFICE cloud service
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Integration Edition
  • Development Server.

Our partners also prepared special offers for you. In our calendar you’ll find discounts from:

  • Nextcloud
  • ownCloud
  • PowerFolder
  • XWiki
  • SMC (Open Square Spaces project).

Check calendar

And don’t miss the 7th of July. It’s gonna be a special day with lots of surprises!

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