10 reasons to love ONLYOFFICE 10.0

15 March 2019By Ksenija
Hi everyone! The new version of ONLYOFFICE is released with lots of enhancements in all modules. Welcome new access rights to documents, more security tools, completely upgraded mail and calendar, and other new features. Read the article to learn about all updates.
Enhanced security
With ONLYOFFICE 10.0, you get even more security tools and features that help you keep your data under control:
  • Two-factor authentication via an authenticator app;
  • Generation and safekeeping of a unique MachineKey when installing a Docker container via script;
  • Bearer authentication (HTTP authentication scheme that involves security bearer tokens).
Quick tip: To enable 2FA via an authenticator app, go to the portal Settings -> Security -> Two-factor authentication, and select the By authenticator app option:
After logging out from the portal, a QR code is generated. Use a third-party authenticator app like Google Authenticator, or Authy to convert this QR code into an access code, and then enter it when signing in to your portal. Learn more about two-factor authentication in ONLYOFFICE in our Help Center.
Seamless navigation
Navigation through ONLYOFFICE documents, emails, and other content is easier now with the newly implemented Elasticsearch engine. In the Documents module, you are able to search for the needed file by its name and content*, activate search in the current folder only, and directly go to the folder containing the found item. Besides, with the newly added filter, you can search media files. * Please note that the full-text search within a document and email content is available for the users of ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition only, and can be enabled via Control Panel.
New document access rights: Comment
With this new type of access rights, you can share ONLYOFFICE documents, spreadsheets and presentations (docx, xlsx, and pptx files) allowing other users to view and add comments to docs.
New document access rights: Form Filling
If you need to fill out a contract, or a survey, create a form adding necessary input fields with the Content Controls feature, and then grant the corresponding access rights to your co-worker, or customer. By doing so, you let users insert data into the chosen fields only. Note that the Form Filling sharing option is available for DOCX files only.
Read more about work with forms in ONLYOFFICE in our blog, and learn how to create a form with input fields in the Help Center.
Integrated multi-format media player
In ONLYOFFICE 10.0 you can play your audio and video files directly in the cloud with the built-in multimedia player (support for .aac, .flac, .m4a, .mp3, .oga, .ogg, .wav, .f4v, .m4v, .mov, .mp4, .ogv, .webm formats).
Completely upgraded Mail module
Welcome a handful of improvements for effective email management:
  • structure your correspondence into categories with Folders Management;
  • easily drag-n-drop emails to folders, or use the Move To button;
  • control sent emails using the Request notification option (delivery and read receipt confirm that your messages have been delivered and opened by the recipient);
  • sort out the mail automatically with Filters Management (create, edit, delete, disable, apply filters to existing messages):
Mail Server is enhanced as well. You are able to connect third-party email clients, including the ability to send the necessary connection settings and to change a password as a portal administrator. All mentioned Mail Server features are available for ONLYOFFICE server solutions only.
Smarter Projects module
Productivity assessment in the Projects module can be done with less effort thanks to the new tools for report building and managing:
  • report generation via docbuilder, ONLYOFFICE document generating tool;
  • report save settings (you are able to select any folder where all the reports are to be saved):
  • a separate page with the list of generated reports:
Besides, in the new version users are able to attach documents when creating a Projects discussion, as well as to make changes to docs while editing a discussion.
Improved LDAP settings
  • extended attribute mapping;
  • ability to assign admin access rights to user groups via LDAP;
  • auto sync of users on schedule:
Learn more about altering LDAP settings in ONLYOFFICE in our Help Center.
Redesigned Calendar
Enjoy the redesigned Calendar, its synchronization via CalDAV protocol, and the newly added ‘To-do’ feature:
Optimized portal management
With the newly implemented bulk import wizard, you are able to easily add multiple users all at once, and with user lists optimization it’s no matter how many of them are there on your ONLYOFFICE portal, be it 10, 100, 1000 users, or more.
Learn more about how to add new users in the People module in our Help Center. The new version is already available for Cloud service users, and soon will be released for server solutions as well.


  And how do you find the new ONLYOFFICE version? We are eager to hear your opinion! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below, or tweet us at @only_office. Your feedback is very appreciated!