ONLYOFFICE notes about ownCloud Conference 2018

25 September 2018By Ksenija

Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago we announced our trip to Nuremberg where ownCloud Conference was held. We came back, and it’s time now to sum up the results and share our impressions with you. Read the article to learn more.

onlyoffice owncloud conference 2018

Conference agenda

What: ownCloud Conference 2018

Location: Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, Nuremberg, Germany

When: September 18-21, 2018

Participants: ownCloud team and community, ownCloud partners, tech companies and enterprises, universities, research organizations

Program: Technical talks and keynotes, show cases, workshops, hackfest

Covered topics: The scope was centered at ownCloud solutions, their use in various environments, integrations in ownCloud, development of cloud infrastructures, etc. See the full list and description.

Representatives from ONLYOFFICE Team: Galina Godukhina (Head of Sales), Ksenia Fedoruk (Marketing Communications Manager), Sergey Linnik (Senior Developer and creator of ONLYOFFICE integration app for ownCloud), Alex Mikheev (technical expert and Head of Tech Support).

onlyoffice at owncloud conference
A warm welcome from ownCloud CEO Tobias Gerlinger

Networking achievements

This conference gave us a great opportunity to meet ownCloud team in person.

We talked over integration and partnership strategies with Jörg Eberwein, Partner Manager, and Snezana Feige, Senior Marketing Manager.

onlyoffice owncloud conference discussions
Photo by Medienstürmer; L to R: Jörg Eberwein, Ksenia Fedoruk, Felix Stürmer

There were organized two technical sessions, so that developers and tech experts from both sides could interact and make user experience with ONLYOFFICE online editors within ownCloud more seamless and comfortable. Among discussed issues there were:

  • ONLYOFFICE desktop client for ownCloud;
  • ODF conversion (a quick reminder: now you’re able to open ODF files directly for editing with ONLYOFFICE within ownCloud);
  • Ability to lock the file while editing;
  • Force Save option;
  • Changing of the file sharing status during the editing process.


onlyoffice owncloud tech support teams

On the picture above: Carlos Damken, Team Lead Support at ownCloud, and Alex Mikheev, Head of Tech Support at ONLYOFFICE

The guys really got along with each other, and Alex and Sergey even tried on ownCloud T-shirts. Coding breaks all barriers!

onlyoffice tech meetup with owncloud team


Certainly, we were also very glad to meet and strengthen ties with Nico Gulden from Univention, Holger Angenent from Sciebo, with our partners and friends from GWDG and Max Planck Society, who also attended the event and joined our technical meet-ups.


On September 19 we presented ONLYOFFICE online editors in terms of our integration with ownCloud. The talk (with live streaming) was held by Ksenia Fedoruk. In case you missed it, the full presentation is available on the ownCloud YouTube channel. So, enjoy watching!

As most issues were discussed during technical meet-ups, in followup of the presentation we got only few questions, e.g. about our plans regarding Moodle integration, or the option to limit access to the ONLYOFFICE integration app to certain groups of users, that will be available soon thanks to the tech team cooperation.

As for integration with Moodle, it’s quite a popular question for now. Currently, we’re working on it and planning to develop a reliable connector, so that users could edit and collaborate on their docs within Moodle.

Wrapping things up

Surely, those two days we spent at the ownCloud Conference were extremely productive. The whole atmosphere was just amazing, with new ideas, contacts and discoveries. We not only exchanged experience and presented our solution to the audience, but also had a chance to learn a lot from all the speakers we listened to, and all the attendees we met.

Also attended the event? Please share your impressions in the comments below, we would be glad to hear opinions!

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