New ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors with completely reorganized interface and multiple updates

29 May 2018By Ksenija

Hello everyone!

Today we are proud to say that our desktop suite has received the new tabbed interface and caught up with multiple fresh features in the latest version.  Read why the app is worth updating right now in the article below.


The tabbed toolbar

Just like our online suite, the desktop app now has a tab-based interface too, reorganizing the editing tools into convenient tabs by their purposes. The tabs are similar to those online: File, Home, Insert, Layout, References, Collaboration, and Plugins.

Document editor on Windows
Document editor on Windows


Spreadsheet editor on Windows
Spreadsheet editor on Windows


Presentation editor on Windows
Presentation editor on Windows
Why the new layout is so helpful
  • It makes navigation easier for users, especially for those new to ONLYOFFICE;
  • It accommodates the growing number of features in a well-understood and logical order without overloading the interface;
  • It lets the elements be more informative.

Read more about what we achieved with the tabbed toolbar in our article on Medium.

What’s new in the editors

With the new toolbar, we have updated many capabilities of the editors and added several useful features distributed among the tabs:

Document editor. In the References tab you can find a new Table of Contents Feature, next to Hyperlinks and Footnotes. For better navigation around the document ( based on Table of Contents), we added a Navigation button located on the left side panel.


All collaboration features have been moved to Collaboration tab (Comments, Version History, Sharing, etc.). Besides the toolbar updates, we also added export to RTF in the document editor.

Online excel editor. We have added 11 new formulas and improved cell formatting with new date formats and regional presets.

Presentation editor. Presentations now support special paste, and presentation-level comments.

The full changelog can be found on GitHub.

How to install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

The suite runs on  Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista (x32 and x64), Debian, Ubuntu and RPM-based Linux distributions, Mac OS 10.10 and newer. It is also available as a snap package (for all Linux distributions supporting snapd) and AppImage.




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