Public editing in Nextcloud with ONLYOFFICE

27 March 2018By Evgenia

Good news, everyone!

We are pleased to announce that our developers have updated the ONLYOFFICE connector for Nextcloud and now you can share office files for editing via public links!


Earlier it was possible for multiple users to collaborate within Nextcloud on the same document in real time. From now on public editing is available. Certainly, a lot of users greeted this feature warmly. Just share your protected data in Nextcloud with colleagues via public links and work together on it. After the editing session your changes will be automatically saved to your file storage as usual.

Here’s a short list of other updates in version 1.3.0:

  • macro-enabled and template formats;
  • support for shared link in documents;
  • customization editor;
  • updated template empty files;
  • fixed collaborative editing;
  • viewing without conversion.

About ONLYOFFICE connector for Nextcloud

ONLYOFFICE connector enables you to view, edit and collaborate on documents, online excel spreadsheets and presentations within Nextcloud. New version is available in the Nextcloud App Store. It is distributed under AGPL v.3 with the source code listed on GitHub.

If you have any questions, please use the comment section below. In case of any technical problem, please visit our forum.