Now officially: ONLYOFFICE in Alfresco Add-ons Market

16 November 2017By Ksenija

Hello, everybody!

Today we’re happy to announce that the official ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco has been added to Alfresco Add-ons Market. Read more to know the details.


Meet the official connector

From now on all Alfresco users can take advantage of the most complete ONLYOFFICE Document Editors installing our connector available for download in Alfresco Add-ons Market.

It allows you to connect the latest version of the editors to Alfresco and receive first-hand professional assistance from developers, since the connector is supported by ONLYOFFICE.

With this connector you are able to view, create and edit text documents, online spreadsheets and presentations, and then save them back to Alfresco Share. You can also collaborate on documents with your team in real time using two co-editing modes, commenting, the Track Changes mode and built-in chat.

3 easy steps to get started
  1. Install ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition.
  2. Download and configure ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco.
  3. Start editing your docs in Alfresco Share.
New solution

ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco is now a part of Integration Edition, as we told you in our blog last week. This solution combines online editors and our ready-to-use connectors for popular cloud storage services. Visit our website to learn more about Integration Edition.

About Alfresco and its Add-ons Market

Alfresco Share provides a web-based collaboration environment for managing documents, wiki content, blogs and more.

In Alfresco Add-ons Market you can not only download our connector, but also find technical details such as Alfresco versions it is compatible with, license type, installation methods and more. Besides, you can support us with likes or leave comments that can help us improve the connector.

If you need detailed technical information about ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco, go to the API documentation section or visit our forum to ask a question.