Why Documents 2.0 for iOS is a big event?

9 August 2017By Ksenija

Because now you can work completely offline, manage data in graphs and diagrams, and collaborate right from the app.


Let us quickly go through what Documents app for iOS offered before:
  • Text document and online excel editors, presentation and PDF viewers;
  • Minimalistic toolbar that contains all necessary editing tools including paragraph and text formatting, charts, tables, autoshapes and more;
  • Document management features for online and local documents, with sharing options;
  • Export and printing from the app;
  • 4 supported languages: English, German, Russian and Spanish.
What’s new in version 2.0

Offline work. Version 2.0 has an autonomous mode which requires no portal logging in. Users can create and edit documents when 100% offline, storing them in device memory.

Collaboration. Another very big and important innovation is co-editing that finally appeared in the app. When connected to the portal user can open a document from the app while it is already opened by someone else on another device and co-edit in real time. This may rescue those who need to participate but doesn’t have a computer close by.

Data in diagrams and graphs. Now data used for creating your charts can be edited within the mobile app and not only viewed. That adds to the remote creation of business documents.

Boosted performance. The app was completely rewritten from scratch: we revised the architecture of document management platform and built the basis for growing app functionality. Without any interface interruptions, it is much faster and smoother to run.

If you don’t have ONLYOFFICE Documents yet, get it now for free. If you already have it, do not hesitate to install the latest update!

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