ONLYOFFICE 9.0.0: What’s new

10 May 2017By Ksenija

Make calls, share documents easily and sign them with electronic signature. Read about our latest online office updates below.

ONLYOFFICE version 9.0.0

Cut the rest of the office red tape with electronic signature

We have all waited long enough for this this moment. Time when documents created online still needed to be printed, dragged all the way through the office building and signed in ten different rooms, has reached its end.

The new version is integrated with DocuSign, one of the most trusted electronic signature platforms. Using e-signature by far saves your time and money while taking care about vital security issues. The signature is end-to-end encrypted and it takes just moments to get your agreement or transaction completed.

A lot less paperwork. Save the trees!




Learn how to use electronic signature here.

Manage your documents more conveniently

Document management became more flexible. We added number of features regarding document ownership, sharing activities, file management and more.

Sharing options. The new Share window automatically generates short links. Be sure to fit within Twitter’s character limit and enjoy compact sharing with colleagues in any messengers.

We also refined the window interface to make it more convenient and functional:

share window

File management. Starting from this version, you can change the document ownership in Common Documents if you need to assign an editing task to another team member.

Collaborative editing. The user changes in document now can be selectively restored. Use Restore button in Version History sidebar of Document Editor to retreat to particular point.

Layout. Numerous details such as context menus and user action highlighters have also been refined and systematized.

Connect with your colleagues and clients via VoIP

VoiP call windowWe are very proud to announce that the new version of the ONLYOFFICE ecosystem is integrated with Twilio and supports VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): your distant contacts are now at your fingertips. Twilio is a trusted platform that securely encrypts the data transfer with HTTPS. The service is already avaliable for Cloud version and Windows Server users and soon will be launched for Linux as well.

Communication management is comfortable and transparent. Get quick access to the CRM contact list, change online status and enjoy other handy features of compact Call window. Track date and time of all calls, see users and contacts interaction history and record the conversations if necessary.

Don’t waste your budgets. Communication is now simple and cost-effective.

Push your workflow forward with an improved Projects module

We have optimized the Projects directory, allowing you to take control over very little nuances and save plenty of precious time working on your tasks:

  • Multiply assignments with Task and Subtask Copy features
  • Move tasks between team members
  • Navigate easily using quick access to task list
  • Experience renewed design of Discussions and Tasks

Furthermore, the Projects module now generally works remarkably faster.

If you have any questions, feel free to use comment section below. Your feedback is very appreciated!