New version of document editors: footnotes, undo in fast co-editing, paste special and more

18 April 2017 By Nadya 7 386

Good news, everyone!

We have rolled out version 4.3 of ONLYOFFICE Document Editors, and here’s a quick recap of recent updates.



Footnotes are necessary if you want to make your text persuasive and well-structured. As of version 4.3, you can cite sources, add contributor information or interesting comments to your documents!

In previous version we added support for footnotes, which meant you were able to open documents with footnotes but could not add them. Now the struggle is over. You can totally add and edit footnotes. Endnotes are coming soon.


Undo in Fast co-editing mode

Have you ever changed the document that is being edited by your teammate at the moment unintentionally? Dragged and dropped some paragraph? Deleted the phrase highlighted with your cursor for more attentive reading? Or typed anything you weren’t going to? From now on you can cancel your unintentional and careless moves in Fast co-editing mode by pressing the undo button. Phew!


More languages for spellchecker

Not sure if you spell it perfectly in Mongolian? ONLYOFFICE spellchecker now supports more languages (43 in total).

Recently added ones are:

  • Català (Català)
  • English (Canada)
  • English (South Africa)
  • Euskara (Euskara)
  • Galego (Galego)
  • Hrvatski (Hrvatska)
  • Lëtzebuergesch (Luxembourg)
  • Slovenski (Slovenija)
  • Srpski (Srbija, Latinica)
  • Български (България)
  • Монгол хэл (Монгол улс)
  • Српски (Србија)
Pleasant improvements in online spreadsheet editor

Work with ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet editor has become more convenient and pleasant, and that is why:

  • Formulas improved and accelerated. New formulas added;
  • Sorting improved;
  • New border styles added. Now they are eleven;
  • Paste Special added.


Better compatibility with all formats

Although we are specializing at docx, xlsx and pptx, we never stop improving our compatibility with all the formats we support. If you are interested in how things with conversion are going, please refer to GitHub. We also fixed a lot of bugs for this release, detailed list of them can also be found there.

P.S. If you need to work on your docs using mobile devices, you might want to try our mobile web editors. We have significantly improved their performance and added new functionality.

We hope you enjoy working with ONLYOFFICE and can’t wait to get feedback from you. Drop us a line here in comments, or tweet to us at @only_office.