ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors Go Open Source

12 October 2016By Nadya

Exciting news for open-source community – we have opened the source code of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.

Why to use
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is an office suite that allows users to create, view and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations on PC or Mac without Internet connection. Being fully compatible with MS Office, the editors also support other popular formats, including ODF.
The editors can be easily connected to your ONLYOFFICE portal, no matter which solution you use – cloud or server-based. In online mode you may use all the collaboration features: two co-editing modes (fast and strict), commenting and built-in chat.
The editors’ functionality can be extended by third-party plugins. Create templates, insert video from YouTube or write your own plugin to add a function you need to the editors.
Read our API documentation to learn more about the plugins.
The office suite is available under AGPL license v3. This means you’re able to download and use ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors without any restrictions.
How to start
The current version is available for Windows (both 64-bit and 32-bit), Mac OS 10.10 or higher and Linux.
For Linux you will need to choose the installation package depending on the version you have:

To download ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors for your PC or Mac, visit our official website.


The source code can be found on GitHub.
We’ll appreciate any feedback from our users, so don’t forget to share your impressions about the application and leave your comments below!
star If you have some technical problems, visit our forum.