How to make your blog interactive with ONLYOFFICE?

28 July 2015By Daria

Vader (Walther, 1922) en zoon (Frans, 1951) van Beers, foto uit 2006Nowadays blogging is the very popular phenomenon as people are likely to believe someone’s experience and findings. On the web space there are a lot of differently focused blogs: devoted to traveling, technology, photography, cooking and many more topics.

Everybody can keep his own blog and become an expert online. The great thing about blogging is that there are no rules. You just start a blog on any blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr) and cover the topic(s) you like.

To make a blog one of a kind, their owners use different techniques like creating a killer logotype, using individual/special writing style, extraordinary design, etc. Frans van Beers – independent unpaid hobby reviewer – uses ONLYOFFICE in his blog PC-RUBRIEK DE MONITOR to make it more interactive. In this article he shares his experience.

Where the story is coming from

My fascination for computers started many years ago when I was a manager in a large social organization. For annual Reports I had to collect and summarize all client data and to count and categorize I used my children’s crayons. Mostly it took me two weeks to accomplish that. There must be another way I thought and the next year I entered all data in a great database application called Reflex. From then collecting data for annual Reports was a snap and I was a true believer in computing and software.

Blogging experience

I’ve been an independent and unpaid hobby reviewer and blogger for more than 10 years now. With a strong preference for open source and small companies, developers & products and a dash of impertinence. I’ve been using Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Chrome (no IE for me); WordPerfect ,Open/Libre Office, Softmaker Office, WPS Office and due to another fascination, digital photography, programs like Zoner Photo Studio Pro (my standard), Sagelight Image Editor, PhotoDemon and PhotoScape.

For publishing on my blog I often used a free service called Scribd where I could upload documents and use HTML code to embed on my blog. But without notice or reason they deleted my account. Of course I ran a bell about that and the fact that a part of my blog was useless. After a lot of trouble and mail it turned out that I was banned because I was a spammer, mistake from there side and they restored my account. But no, thanks! Oeps, never realized that something like this can happen, so one always has to ask oneself “Do i trust the digital service I’m using and can I communicate with them and are they customer friendly and responsive?”

Exit Scribd and hello ONLYOFFICE!

Although I use the free WPS Office too, ONLYOFFICE for a blogger and social media user has the benefit that content can be easily published and shared with a link, mouse click or code that can be embedded. Of course there are other free services that can do that, but a user first has to upload his material and/or convert to PDF to get it it to social media or a blog. In ONLYOFFICE you write and create your creative content online everywhere where you got access to the Internet (or host the suite on your own server), it will be saved encrypted and you can publish and share it easily and even work and write together on a project.

My reviews are presented in an attractive way and readers can zoom in, save a copy and share and embed my work. Take a look, created and published in ONLYOFFICE: review CorelDraw Home & Studentarticle & review on G Data. Easily done because the suite is filled with useful tools and features and the free version for private use offers unlimited storage space! So ONLYOFFICE Personal is a precious gift for me that looks great to publish, just adapted an earlier review and used the service to embed, looks great and reader friendly.

And last but not least – their support is fine and friendly!

P.S. An Android version is in development, by the way.
P.S.S. It’s an attractive suite for medium and small businesses too, but that’s another story.

Frans van Beers from Eindhoven, the Netherlands