Self-hosted Solution Updates: Good News for Linux Users

25 December 2014By Alex

To meet our users’ requests, ONLYOFFICE Server solution is now available for Linux as well. Just like Windows users, Linux community supporters can already make use of the Common Server v.8.1 that counts for all the basic ONLYOFFICE functional modules including Document Management, CRM, Mail, Project Management and Community.



Please, note that Online Document Editors aren’t included into the Common Server solution and will be available soon as a separate installation, however now you can download the previous version (2.5.7) of ONLYOFFICE™ Editors here.

System Requirements

Distributive: Red Hat, CentOS or other compatible distributive, Debian, Ubuntu or other compatible distributive

RAM: 2 GB or more

Swap file: at least 2 GB

HDD: at least 2 GB of free space

Mono: version 3.2 or later

MySQL: version 5.6 or later

HTTP server: Nginx

 Deployment and support

You can find all the ONLYOFFICE source codes and installation files at SourceForge and GitHub repositories.

We aim at building an active open-source community and provide you with all the necessary information on the Common Server installation and maintenance:

to learn all the details on the system requirements and deployment, pelase, consult the guide;

to share your ideas and conduct discussions with other open source сommunity members we invite you to visit ONLYOFFICE Developers forum.