Teamlab Turns 4, Changes Name, Opens Code and Soul to the World

4 July 2014By Nina

bday 3Hello world! This day can hardly be underestimated. It’s not only the magic 7.07 combination, but Teamlab Office birthday! On this occasion, we have tons of news to announce.

Teamlab Office is Now ONLYOFFICE

Yes, this might be a bit unexpected, though the idea of rebranding has existed for quite some time and today we finally have a great occasion to implement it. Why ONLYOFFICE? The name was chosen for a reason, for several reasons to be more precise – read our story here.


005_aGet Your Present or a Discount

Traditionally we’re giving gifts and discounts on our birthday, and this year is not an exception. To get a 30% discount for your subscription, we’d ask you to make an original office selfie with #onlyoffice hashtag. Moreover, if you participate in our contest you have a chance to get a free annual subscription or even a kneeboard! Interested? Learn more>>


ONLYOFFICE is a 100% Open Source Solution

We have opened source codes of the entire application, including online document editors, Gantt Chart and Invoicing functionality under AGPL license v3. You’ll be able to download the suite from Sourceforge and deploy it on your servers at no cost. Why would we do that? By showing you the underside we affirm ONLYOFFICE transparency and reliability. We realize that data security is a burning issue for most companies, especially when it comes to documents. Considering this, we have nothing to hide and nobody to hide from. We’re entirely open with our heart&code.


A Call for Understanding

The renaming process is something that demands thousands details to be changed and prepared from scratch. We’re done with most of them, however, you’re still going to see some little flies in our ointment. We would like to ask for your patience and understanding – we’ll work it out soon. If you see anything that requires our attention, please, don’t hesitate to let us know – with your support we’ll do it faster.

On another note, we’d like to inform you that mobile apps for ONLYOFFICE will be developed anew as native. While the mission is in progress, Teamlab Projects for iOS and Android will not be supported. In other words, if you have the mobile app already installed on your device, everything will work the same way except for push-notifications. We’ll also have to remove Teamlab Projects from Google Play and Apple Store. Thank you for understanding.

Fuf, that’s it for today. We are eagerly awaiting the burst of comments with questions and suggestions (congratulations maybe? ;-)), so bomb it!