Speed up Your Portal by Moving it to Ireland or Singapore Servers

26 June 2014By Nina


Hi everyone!

Today let’s figure out what is the most appropriate data center for your cloud office and learn how to perform migration if needed.


Why is it important?

The closer the server location is, the higher your portal performance speed will be. For instance if your team is based closer to Europe rather than to the USA, we strongly recommend you to make sure your cloud office is hosted in Ireland. Singapore data center is a wise choice for Asia-located users.

So how do you know where your portal is currently located? Simply check out your portal address:

  • yourcompany.onlyoffice.com – your office is located in Oregon (US West)
  • yourcompany.onlyoffice.eu – your office is located in Ireland (EU)
  • yourcompany.onlyoffice.sg – your office is located in Singapore

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I want to move my portal now!

To transfer your cloud office to the other region, go to “General Settings” and find the “Server Region” field.


Please, note: once you check a different location, the migration process starts and you can not cancel it. Warn your colleagues that the portal will not be available during the migration process. Once migration is complete the portal URL will be changed and all the shared documents links will be inaccessible. All the information will be transmitted to the new data bases and will not be available at the previous address.

Important: You will not be able to get back to Oregon (USA) servers, so please, start migration process only if your location does not correspond to the current data center.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Bon Voyage!