TeamLab Office 7.6.0: Release Notes

23 April 2014By Alex

As we’ve promised recently, the new version of TeamLab SaaS is launched. Almost each functional module has a number of important updates or new functionality. Let’s see what we’ve got.


The overall module has been enhanced in terms of  general speed increase – now switching between module elements takes place immediately without any page reloading. As for the new features, the most anticipated update is the invoicing system. You don’t need to start another app any more to create a necessary payment document for your clients or subcontractors. You’ll be able to create an invoice right in your TeamLab Office portal selecting required clients and consignees from your CRM database, completing other standard fields like a due date and currency and, if necessary, linking it with a deal opportunity.


TeamLab invoicing also allows for keeping the Products and Services list that envisages entering items with the indication of an SKU (stock keeping unit), price, quantity and takes into account even double taxation cases.

For more convenience you can send an invoice to your client right from TeamLab mail benefiting from the integration of CRM and Mail modules.

You can find more details and instructions in the Help Getting Started section.


Almost all updates here reinforce the file management system:

  • the file versions now include revisions, i.e. minor changes in a document. The version number is updated manually by a doc author by grouping the existing revisions when you’ve completed an important milestone in your documentation. You can consult Tips and Tricks section of Teamlab Help for more information on version and revision control.
  • you can leave comments to each revision and they’ll be displayed in the version history in your documents list



  • the new lock option allows you to block a document from editing by other users. As soon as the document is unlocked, the version is automatically updated.
  • group sharing will save your time if you’d like to provide access rights to a whole division of your company or team

See more info on managing documents in the corresponding Help Getting Started section.


The overall module has been also enhanced in terms of  general speed increase – now switching between elements takes place immediately without any page reloading.

Another important update is the launch of Gantt diagram 2.0. Now this tool enables you to view the progress and task dependencies of all your projects at once.



  • you can add a custom signature at the bottom of every email using a required text, images or html code


  • the email-in feature that allows you to save attachments automatically into a selected document folder

You can find more details and instructions in the Help Getting Started section.

Portal security

Apart from the mentioned module updates there’s a new feature for those who’d like to have extra level protection for their portals. In addition to a standard sign-in procedure, you’ll also be able to make use of two-step verification. It means, each time your portal users access your TeamLab Office portal, they’ll be requested to enter an SMS confirmation code sent to the telephone number they indicated. Please, note that the activation of this option is available only for the owners or full access administrators of paid portals in the General Settings of the portal. For more information, please, consult Help Getting Started section

We’ve tried to cover only the most important updates of this release, if you haven’t found any information you need or have some comments, as always, we’re open to any feedback.