Spring 2014. Teamlab Office Roadmap

13 March 2014By Nina

Dear all,

At the beginning of each year we prepare ourselves for something new. This spring isn’t an exception. We are about to announce a large number of long-expected features for each module. Let’s not run around the bush, and go straight to the point.


Meet Top 5 Upcoming Features in Teamlab!



#1 Teamlab CRM. Invoicing

Undoubtedly the most remarkable novelty will be the invoicing feature. CRM administrators will be able to manage the base of products and services provided by the company, invoice clients and apply double taxation system.

#2 Gantt Chart 2.0

Less clicks – more info! Now you’ll be able to view all your projects timeline in a single diagram.

#3 Automate Signature in Teamlab Mail

This highly-demanded detail has been added to Teamlab Mail, so now you can add a custom signature at the bottom of every email.

#4 Documents check-in/check-out and revisions

Step up in document management capabilities. Use check-in/check-out feature to prevent unexpected file overwriting and get more control over document versions&revisions.

#5 Two-step verification

Security is our main priority. Soon you’ll be able to use an extra security level for protecting your portals. By enabling the confirmation sms code option, in addition to a standard sign-in procedure a Teamlab user will be requested to enter a special code sent to the telephone indicated.


Sharepoint integration
Apart from the ability to connect Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive to your cloud office, now you’ll be able to integrate your Sharepoint account as well.


Receive a lot of attachments? Save them directly to your documents with a couple of clicks!


When When When?

Teamlab 7.6.0 release is expected in the middle of spring 2014. Stay tuned!