How to Benefit from Promoting TeamLab

20 May 2013By Alex

Are you a loyal TeamLab user and fan? Then you are sure to remember that it’s a complete office suite in the cloud with all the tools necessary for your business to work centrally from one place. With our natural desire and permanent challenge to spread the service benefits all over the world we’ve always kept asking you to share your TeamLab Office experience with your colleagues and friends. Today we’re happy to say that from now on we’ll be able to give you a reward in return for your TeamLab Office promoting campaigns and this reward will be quite tangible.

Ta-da! We’ve launched the Affiliate Program and it means that advertising TeamLab Office will be mutually beneficial. You spread the word about our cloud service in your websites, blogs and social network accounts and we give you a deserved commission.

What Advantages you can Get with TeamLab Affiliates

– Earn from 20% to 50% of your referrals sales! The commission rate is floating  depending on the sales amount.

– Make use of ready promo banners or videos, if you are too busy to think of your own advertising article. At the same time you’re absolutely free to choose any promotion campaign of your own that you consider to be catchy.

-Receive stable monthly earnings to your PayPal account.

Where and How to Start

Register an affiliate account or join the program from your TeamLab Office portal and you will be able to choose a preferable promotion type, track your sales and total commission earned.

If any questions arise, feel free to leave them here in comments or via