TeamLab 7.4: Release Notes

30 April 2013By Alex

Spring never comes alone and this time we’ve prepared major enhancements for your cloud office. For starters – improved time and payment tracking, guest users as a main course and other pretty little cookies for dessert.

Hungry for the details? Here they are:

TeamLab_time billing1. Working with clients and freelancers becomes easier.

From now on there is a payment status for each record in the Time Tracking section:

· Not chargeable – for the hours which will not be paid;

· Not billed – for the time period which is not paid yet;

· Billed – for the hours that have been paid already.

The payment status can be changed only by administrators or project managers.

Get a better view of the new feature from our video guide.

2. Invite your clients to TeamLab Office! Guests status is officially released.

You can add guest users to your project and enable them to view and comment tasks, discussions and download documents. Your portal guests will not be allowed to create tasks and files, view CRM and People modules.

Guest users are invited for free, so the price is still based on the number of “active users”. See the detailed post about TeamLab Guest status here.

3. What else is there in 7.4?

  • You will be able to set starting time for each task and use it in search and filter.
  • Users’ birthdays tracking. Make sure you don’t forget to congratulate your teammate!
  • New video-guides shown right in your portals.
  • And after telling all this we’re looking forward to your feedback! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and don’t hesitate to join us on Facebook – this is where the news comes first.

    Have a good day!