TeamLab Co-Writers Are Welcome

31 August 2012By Elena

TeamLab Translators and Writers PortalWho are they, these TeamLab co-writers? They are users of TeamLab portals who decided to assist their colleagues using some TeamLab functions, performing certain operations, or optimizing their work space within the portal. Pursuing that goal, they give advice writing their own articles, shooting video, or translating the existing TeamLab documentation into the mother tongue and place them on their portals. But the majority of such users would like to share their work with others and we are glad to help them.

What are we doing to assist TeamLab co-writers? We offer a space where they can post their translations, own articles as well as video tutorials, so that any TeamLab user can access and read or watch their contributions. You can see the current list on our special page in the Help Center. From here you can proceed to any page devoted to a certain guide where you’ll also find brief information about the author he let us publish, e.g. his name, biography, a link to the personal blog or website, photo or company logo.

Want to contribute to TeamLab documentation, too? To do that, you just need to provide us with the articles you wrote/translated or video tutorials you shot as well as some data about you by filling our submission form. The rest will be done by us – we’ll create and format a special page for your article at our website for other TeamLab users to view it.

In case you have questions, feel free to write to us using the email address or join the TeamLab Translators and Writers Portal.

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