Importing Data from Google Apps into TeamLab

20 April 2012 By Elena 16 337

Importing data from GoogleHello to everyone,

The topic of my today’s post is data transfer from Google Apps to your TeamLab portal. Let’s stipulate at the very beginning what exactly you can import:

  • contacts from your Google account as TeamLab portal users,
  • your documents, online spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms from Google Docs,
  • your calendars from Google Calendar.

Importing Contacts as TeamLab Portal Users

Being a portal administrator and having the contacts you need for your business at your Google account, you can import them to your TeamLab portal as users. To do that, please proceed through the following steps:

Click to zoom in1. Access your TeamLab portal using your login details.
2. Click the ‘Add Users’ link situated on the panel above.
Note: you can also find this link within the 'Community' and 'Projects' modules.
3. In the opened ‘Add users to the portal’ window, click the ‘Google’ icon.
4. Then you will need to log in into your Google account to allow TeamLab to access the data stored at Google by clicking the ‘Grant Access’ button.
5. Your contacts from the Google account will be shown within the ‘Add users to the portal’ window. All contacts are selected by default. Uncheck the boxes next to the contacts you don’t want to import. Click the ‘Add selected users’ button.
6. You will see a message letting you know that the import process is successfully completed.

To view the imported users on the portal, switch to the ‘Community’, ‘Projects’, or ‘CRM’ module and open the ‘Users’ tab. As simple as that!

Importing Files from Google Docs

Click to zoom inEvery TeamLab user might have important documents needed to perform his duties and he might want to transfer documents from his Google account to TeamLab to facilitate and speed up his work, as he won’t any longer need to switch between Google and TeamLab and waste his valuable time. For this purpose, please follow these steps below:

1. Access your TeamLab portal using your login details.
2. Click the ‘Documents’ link on the start page or at the very top of any portal page.
3. Click the ‘Import from…’ link to open a dropdown menu and select the ‘Import from Google Docs’ option.
4. Then you will need to log in into your Google account to allow TeamLab access the data stored at Google by clicking the ‘Grant Access’ button.
5. All the documents from Google Docs (including author names and file creation dates) will be displayed in the ‘Import from Google Docs’ window. Select the files you want to import into your TeamLab portal checking the boxes next to them.
6. Have a look at the lower part of the window. You need to select a section where your files will be imported to. By default the section is selected that is currently opened. To change the section, click the Select Section/Folder icon icon and choose the necessary section and folder if needed.
Note: as a portal administrator, you can select between two sections – 'My Documents' and 'Common Documents', while being a portal user, you can import files into 'My Documents' section only.
7. Select an action that will be taken in case of a file conflict whether the documents with the same titles will be overwritten (the ‘Overwrite’ option) or the imported document will be ignored and the existing document will be preserved (the ‘Ignore’ option).
8. Click the ‘Import’ button. After that you will see the importing progress.

The section (or folder if you assigned it) where you saved your imported documents will open. There you will find the ‘Import from Google Docs’ folder containing your files.

Importing Events from Google Calendar

Click to zoom inThis operation can be performed by any portal user, if he wants to transfer events from a specific Google calendar into TeamLab Calendar. To do that, please follow the steps below:

1. Enter your Google Calendar.
2. Find the needed calendar in the ‘My Calendars’ section, open the drop-down list next to it and select the ‘Calendar Settings’ option.
3. In the ‘Private Address’ section, click the iCal icon icon and follow the link displayed.
Note: if your calendar is publicly shared, you'll need to click the 'iCal' icon within the 'Calendar Address' section.
4. Save the exported file to the desired folder on your computer.
Note: to export content from all calendars in your 'My calendars' list:
1. Click the drop-down arrow next to 'My calendars' and choose 'Settings'.
2. On the 'Calendar Settings' page, click the 'Export calendars' link at the bottom of the 'My Calendars' section. Keep in mind that you won't be able to bulk export calendars in your 'Other Calendars' list (for example, public calendars you've added to your list, shared calendars with 'view' access only, etc.)
3. In the resulting compressed folder, you'll see an ICS file for each of the calendars you have permission to 'Make changes and manage sharing' for.

5. Access your TeamLab portal using your login details.
6. Click the ‘Calendar’ link at the very top of any portal page.
7. Open a dropdown menu clicking the ‘Add’ link and select the ‘New calendar’ option if you want to import events from the needed Google calendar into a new calendar on your TeamLab portal.
Note: to import events from your Google Calendar into an existing calendar at TeamLab, direct your mouse cursor to a calendar within the 'My Calendars' section. Directly after that the icon will appear. Click it to open the 'Edit Calendar' window.
8. In the opened ‘Add new calendar’ window, click the ‘Import events from Google Calendar’ link.
9. Select the exported file stored on your computer HDD and click ‘Open’.
10. Press the ‘Save’ button.

Now you can view the imported events within TeamLab Calendar, edit, or delete them.

Click to zoom inYou can also add the iCal feed link of your Google calendar to TeamLab Calendar. If you edit some events within your Google calendar, the changes will be automatically applied and can be viewed within TeamLab Calendar. To do that, open your Google Calendar, click the iCal icon icon in the ‘Private Address’ section of calendar settings (if your calendar is publicly shared, you’ll need to click the same icon within the ‘Calendar Address’ section) and copy the link displayed. Then enter your TeamLab portal, open TeamLab Calendar, click the ‘Add’ link and select the ‘New iCal feed’ option. In the opened window, enter the iCal feed link into the appropriate field and click ‘Save’.
Note: please make sure you entered the feed link starting with http://.

That’s all for today. Please feel free to leave comments in case you have questions that are not covered in the post. If you need assistance, visit our Help Center or write to our Support Team. Your opinion on TeamLab as well as ideas for further development are welcome on our special feedback page.

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  1. John - Reply
    April 25, 2012 at 12:36 am

    I was trying to import my Google contacts into the CRM system and followed the directions above. Bad idea! The Google Contact import is for USERS, not CRM contacts.

    You should provide the option NOT to send an email to all your users!!! I was trying to add people to my CRM and instead followed your Add User process above.

    All of my customers and coworkers contacts got invitations to activate accounts. Very, very embarrassing. I haven’t followed up with some of these people in months and was not ready to be in contact with them this way.

    I then had to go and cancel each individual invitation one at a time.

    • Elena - Reply
      April 25, 2012 at 8:43 am

      Hello John,
      I admit that my instructions were a little bit ambiguous, and I’m sorry for the confusion they created.
      I’ve just revised the text and hope that all the ambiguity has disappeared.
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Tim Elfelt - Reply
    April 26, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    Thanks for the great new feature! I’d love to see more of a sync functionality with google — docs and calendars in specific

    • Elena - Reply
      April 27, 2012 at 8:55 am

      Hello Tim,
      Please vote for this suggestion on our feedback page.

  3. Badawi - Reply
    May 6, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    I installed teamlab to check if it could serve as my company intranet system after failing to find answers in podio, asana or many other online tools. After installation i’m faced with the following problem:

    I want to use teambox as an intranet system in synch with my google drive/google docs account without having to upload files to teamlab, i.e is there a way to include links within teamlab to files in my google drive.

    I want my customer to enter teambox and find all project information including description, links to files in google drive and link to gantt chart in gantter.

    I hope you can help, thanks

    • Elena - Reply
      May 24, 2012 at 10:58 am

      Hello Badawi,
      You can include links to your documents stored in your Google account like links to any external source in comments to tasks/subtasks (you can follow these links by clicking them) or project/milestone description (but in this case you’ll need to copy the link manually and paste it into the address bar of your browser).

      • Greg Saunders - Reply
        June 14, 2012 at 11:49 pm


        What I think would be awesome is if Team Lab added integration to where we didn’t have to copy links in, but actually make it look integrated using the API’s from Google or other cloud storage systems that allow this. I have seen some tools that will do this… they integrate right into the product as if it was part of the product since all of the magic happens in the background. I realize it isn’t a simple push a button process as I am a developer, but I think this would make your product another step ahead of some of the others. I envision the customer being able to pick one or multiple cloud storage systems that could be read and integrated into the document list… perhaps an indicator showing where the document is stored. Anyway… just dreaming and throwing out some ideas.

        • Elena - Reply
          June 15, 2012 at 4:58 pm

          Hello Greg,
          Both TeamLab versions – open source and SaaS – already have the application programming interface (API). Using it you can manipulate all your portal data, everything depends on the way you see TeamLab integration with Google tools. Further information can be found at

          • Greg Saunders - Reply
            June 15, 2012 at 6:34 pm

            I think we are talking slightly different things. I am talking about TeamLab integrating Google Drive or other Cloud storage providers into the TeamLab interface not accessing TeamLab via API from other places. TeamLab would have to have tools in place to allow the user to key in their authentication so TeamLab can read in data from third party cloud storage. For example Teambox (a different system) allows me to enter my authentication for Google and I believe they are adding DropBox and Box. So when you go to TeamBox’s file / document area you see the documents and files from your Google Drive and you can click and edit it (via the integration to Google). Mabye you do have this and I just am not following.

            • Elena - Reply
              June 18, 2012 at 10:47 am

              Unfortunately, it’s not possible yet and we don’t plan to include such integration possibility in the near future, but you can always add your suggestions to our feedback page where you can also vote for other users’ ideas and track their status.

              • Greg Saunders - Reply
                July 3, 2012 at 3:38 pm

                I can understand why you may not add it since extra storage is something TeamLab charges for… perhaps TeamLab would be concerned users would simply use other storage solutions (if integrated into TeamLab as I described) and lose out on possible revenue stream. I don’t know… but I can say MANY customers will already have a cloud solution like Google, DropBox, Box, and so on… providing integration into those could boost your customer base. I will definitely add it to the feedback page as I think this is a huge benefit… that I definitely like with the other service. Perhaps you could charge a monthly fee (minimal) for integration to other cloud storage so you still have revenue stream. Just a thought.

                • Elena - Reply
                  July 3, 2012 at 4:18 pm

                  Hello Greg,
                  Thank you for adding your suggestion to our feedback page!

                  • Greg Saunders - Reply
                    July 6, 2012 at 3:32 pm

                    Hey Elene,

                    Just recieved some good news from support. See below:



                  • Greg Saunders - Reply
                    July 6, 2012 at 3:33 pm

                    That didn’t work… here it is again…

                    The described functionality, though still in beta, is already present in the latest version of TeamLab SaaS (version 6.5). When you access the ‘Documents’ module in the new version you can now see the “Add resource” link in the top menu which allows you to synchronize your, Dropbox and Google Drive accounts with TeamLab.

  4. Илья - Reply
    May 26, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    Все красиво и понятно с первого знакомства. Но потоптавшись понимаешь, что упор системы не на то, чтобы нашим клиентам было удобно (клиентам пользователей TeamLab): а чтобы было удобно самим пользователям, нечто вроде вещи в себе. Сравнив с salesforce, который мы используем, можно сразу указать на существенную разницу в понимании ценности инструмента. Зачем мне эргономическая дрель, если она отверствия не сверлит какие хочет клиент быстро без шума и аккуратно? В salesforce вы можете “обложить” клиента уведомлениями, создать для него личный кабинет, куда выкладывать сканы счетов, выверки, файлы. Грубо говоря у клиента появляется личное пространство по работе с вами, точка опоры где все хранится и можно использовать. Огорчило и то, что поиск не ищет по содержимому документов, нет возможности настроить уведомления клиентов по почте фирменными уведомлениями – именно то, что создает имидж вашей компании, усиливает сарафанное радио и тд и тп. Да – в сейлсфорсе не такие красивые кнопки, но клиент это не видит, он видит что выдает ваша система. А в тимлаб выдает она только внутрь себя, снаружи это немой свидетель не меняющий сервисы ваших продуктов, за которые вам платят. Как собственник бизнеса и потенциальный клиент в будущем советую – прекратите улучшать интерфейс для работников (они все время будут писать пожелания), и сделайте упор на функционале, который будет приносить деньги компании.

    • Elena - Reply
      May 28, 2012 at 2:41 pm

      Илья, спасибо Вам за отзыв!
      Что касается клиентского доступа к порталу, мы планируем внедрение данного функционала, но, к сожалению, не на ближайшее будущее.

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