TeamLab CRM & Calendar Updates

5 March 2012By Nina

Dear users, we have recently introduced important and highly demanded changes in CRM and Calendar.

Here is a short list of them:

1. Website contact form. Use it to build a form, that you can publish on your site for capturing new contacts automatically.

2. Enhanced filtration. The enhanced filter facilitates the contact search.

3. Calendar integration. CRM is now integrated with the calendar allowing you to see all the CRM tasks in the Calendar.

1. iCal compatibility. Now you may download the calendar file with the event in the iCal format and even import the ical file when creating and editing TeamLab calendar. You may also add the ical stream for monitoring other sources.

2. Export link. Now you may get the calender link for calendar export.

3. Repeated events. The possibility to create more complicated repeated events.

Speaking about general improvements now you may:
1.Send an invitation link for participation in your portal.

2. Delete your profile without administrator interaction.

Waiting for your feedback!