Secure your TeamLab portal with our data backup and restore utility

14 October 2010By Nina

“They are panicking about this”
Kirill Sheynkman, CEO of Elastra, about Cloud Computing

Do such phrases as “data loss” or “data corruption” sound scary to you? I bet they could if such thing as data backup didn’t exist. So you can always maintain control of your data by taking regular backups. Data backup was offered in TeamLab platform from the very beginning. Being a portal administrator you could easily perform the backup operation and got all your portal data packed in the archive on your local drive. But there was no convenient way to retrieve the data.

Today we are introducing data restore utility which, I’m sure, has been long awaited by many of you.
This utility is available within TeamLab AMI and open-source versions. Now in case you accidentally deleted file you can restore your previously backed-up portal data. The backup restoration procedure is very simple and performed “in one click”. All you need to do is to launch the restore application, indicate your backup file and click the Restore button. Refer to our PDF guide for more information on how to perform and restore the backup of your portal. Video guide is available at our YouTube channel, so you can check it as well.

I’d like to pay your attention that data restore utility isn’t available in TeamLab SaaS version. Actually, this is one of the SaaS significant drawbacks. If you are familiar with SaaS data architecture you should know that restoring data for one user isn’t a trivial task. A single database is shared among all users. And in case of a single user data loss it will require overwriting the data of each user on the database, even if they didn’t experience the data loss. There’s always a risk of damaging other users’ data. That’s why SaaS companies do not provide backup restoration service.

If you use our SaaS solution you shouldn’t be worried about your data security at all. All the data is stored in Amazon’s web service cloud that provides 99.99% durability and 99.99% availability of your information. Besides, we make an additional daily database backup and backup the entire portal data twice a week.
But if you want to make yourself 100% secure you can perform your own backups as well. And if any unforeseen situation happens you’ll be able to restore the data on your local server and then manually re-upload important files back into TeamLab. Backup functionality in our SaaS solution combined with the restore utility also gives you certain flexibility in your portal use. Whenever you make a decision to switch to the TeamLab on-premise or AMI version, transition process will be extremely smooth and quick. And you won’t lose any important data.

So, don’t panic if you faced with any technical malfunction or error which led to data loss. Just follow the main data security principle – take continuous backups of your data. By doing so, you will be prepared for every exceptional case.