10 Top Business Women in Enterprise 2.0

25 August 2010By Nina

Looking through a series of our techy/news posts we decided to publish an informal post about today’s outstanding women in enterprise 2.0 sector.

In spite of the fact that most successful entrepreneurs in Enterprise 2.0 business are males, programming enthusiasts, women’s ability to find compromise with partners and clients did its job. Now we can find Enterprise 2.0 leading companies where women play decisive roles, be it a founder or a director. So, let’s start with:

Marissa Mayer, GoogleMarissa Mayer, Google

Marissa is a female image of Google and the vice-president who leads product management efforts on search products at Google. Surely, these products are mostly targeted at mass market, but such Google products quickly become corporate. That was the case with Google search engine as well as Gmail.

Natalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky LabNatalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab

Natalya is a Board Director and one of “Kaspersky Lab” founders. Now “Kaspersky Lab” company provides SaaS solutions for corporate security.

Polly Samner, SalesforcePolly Samner, Salesforce

As chief adoption officer, Polly Sumner is responsible for customer success with Salesforce products. Her mission in Salesforce is to provide such products and services so that every customer gets maximum value from them.

Elaine Wherry, MeeboElaine Wherry, Meebo

Elaine co-founded Meebo, a company-developer of multi protocol web-based instant messaging application Meebo. Right now she is actively engaged in the support of startups in Sylicon Valley.

Padmasree Warrior, CiscoPadmasree Warrior, Cisco

Padmasree Warrior is the Chief Technology Officer in Cisco. According to Forbes, Padmasree is one of the most successful women-entrepreneurs. She leads the development of products in Cloud Computing и Telepresence in Cisco.

Linda Sanford, IBMLinda Sanford, IBM

Linda works as a Senior Vice President in Enterprise On Demand department of IBM. She is responsible for adjusting IBM obsolete corporate systems in accordance with Enterprise 2.0 principles.

Sheryl Chamberlain, EMCSheryl Chamberlain, EMC

Sheryl Chamberlain is the Director responsible for directing and coordinating the strategic and operational activities for EMC’s Technology Alliance with VMware. Sheryl also founded Leadership & Innovation Program for EMC in Silicon Valley.

Rashmi Sinha, SlideShareRashmi Sinha, SlideShare

Rashmi Sinha is the Co-Founder and CEO for Slideshare, the service for sharing presentations on the web. SlideShare offers plenty of options for corporate customers and have Microsoft and Adobe among its clients.

Ann Livermore, HPAnn Livermore, HP

HP provides infrastructure for cloud creation for SaaS platforms as well as for big enterprises. Ann heads the technological development of the related products and services of HP.

Karen Appleton, box.netKaren Appleton, box.net

Karen is the Vice President of Business Development at Box.net, one of the best SaaS services. Due to Karen’s initiatives box.net is now more associated as a Sharepoint alternative than a simple service for online file storage.