TeamLab is out into the world!!!!

20 July 2010By Nina

Hello world!

About two weeks ago we launched a new version of TeamLab. Here is a quick overview of the improvements made to the platform since its first release earlier this year:

There are two new modules developed in addition to TM Community:
TM Projects – a fully-featured module for managing tasks and milestones.
TM Talk – an integrated IM for chatting with your colleagues in real time.

TM Community was enhanced as well. Among all the other collaborative tools, it now also includes Bookmarks and Wiki for more effective information interchange. You can check out the full list of TeamLab features here.

TeamLab source code has become public on SourceForge. Now, you have full control over the source code and can modify TeamLab accoring to your company needs.

TeamLab SaaS solution is there for you. Now, you don’t need any software downloads, any upfront investments in hardware. Anyone with a working email address can register for TeamLab and create enterprise portal in the cloud for free.

All in all, TeamLab has turned into a comprehensive collaboration platform. It provides all the tools necessary for effective collaboration and project management and can be easily integrated into daily operations of your company.

Our team is very excited to know how TeamLab is working for you and how you feel about our new product. So, if you have any idea of how to make our service better, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

Stay tuned! You’ll be hearing more from us very soon!!!!!!