ONLYOFFICE Home Server 101: building a private home office

16 Juli 2020By Ksenija

Due to a popular demand, we created a home version of ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition called ONLYOFFICE Home Server that offers all professional features and is fit for a family-size team. Read this post to learn if this is your option.

About ONLYOFFICE Home Server

ONLYOFFICE Home Server is a collaborative office for integration into Sync&Share services and content management systems for home use. Unlike the classic ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition, it is limited by 10 users, but has unlimited number of connections.

It was built for users that run private on-premises file sharing services and need to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations for personal purposes* individually or in a group with professional editing features that are not offered in the community version of ONLYOFFICE editors.

*ONLYOFFICE Home Server is for non-commercial use only.

What you get

With an instance of ONLYOFFICE Home Server you get:

  • a 3-in-1 suite for creating and and editing office documents in all popular formats;
  • broad range of editing and formatting tools;
  • real-time collaboration with a team of up to 10 users with chat, comments, reviewing and version history;
  • a growing collection of third-party plugins;
  • unlimited simultaneous editing sessions;
  • ONLYOFFICE mobile web editors in the browser and in the mobile apps of your sharing service*;
  • advanced functionality like flexible content controls and document comparison;
  • a lifetime license with a year of free updates.

*if the application supports ONLYOFFICE mobile web editors.

ONLYOFFICE Home Server is currently offered at a special price of $99.

Where to start

To integrate ONLYOFFICE Home Server into your solution:

  1. Buy ONLYOFFICE Home Server and download an integration app for your service.
  2. Install an instance of ONLYOFFICE Home Server and an integration app. Mind that you need to delete any previously used ONLYOFFICE solution before you can work with your new instance.
  3. Configure the integration app and start working.


Get ONLYOFFICE Home Server for free

Celebrating 10 years of ONLYOFFICE, we decided to do a series of giveaways of ONLYOFFICE Home Server. Take part in our contests and challenges to win a free instance:

Besides, ONLYOFFICE calls for developers to create useful plugins for our online editors. Create a new plugin from our community’s wishlist or suggest your own idea and choose one of the rewards, including ONLYOFFICE Home Server.


Q: What are the scale limitations of ONLYOFFICE Home Server?
A: You can edit as many documents simultaneously as you wish (the connections are unlimited), but one instance is for 10 users maximum.

Q: Can I use my newly bought Home Server license with ONLYOFFICE Document Server to upgrade?
A: No, you need to get and install an ONLYOFFICE Home Server instance because it is another solution.

Q: What is the difference between ONLYOFFICE mobile app and ONLYOFFICE mobile web editors?
A: ONLYOFFICE Documents app is an application for iOS and Android. ONLYOFFICE mobile web editors work in a web browser and in inside other apps like Nextcloud mobile app.

Q: What happens when my license expires?
A: The license is yours for a lifetime. However, the updates are available only for the first year and you need to buy a new license to receive them further.

Q: Is technical support included in the license of ONLYOFFICE Home Server?
A: Professional service is not included but you can always reach out to the community via GitHub and our forum.

Q: What solutions support mobile web editors?
A: Currently, you can use ONLYOFFICE mobile web editors with ONLYOFFICE collaboration platform, Nextcloud and ownCloud. We are planning to introduce the feature in other integrations later.

Q: What happens if one of the users of my ONLYOFFICE Home Server stops using the solution? Can I delete their profile and add the new user?
A: ONLYOFFICE recognizes a user ID for a period of one year. You cannot replace the old user inside the 10 user limit before an annual period expires.

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