Stay connected with Zoom plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs

13 February 2023By Ksenija

The new plugin for Zoom is now available to use in ONLYOFFICE Docs. You can make video calls while collaborating on your documents with team using complete functionality of the platform. Read more for details.

Stay connected with Zoom plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs

About Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing service that lets you participate in virtual meetings, attend and host webinars, and chat remotely with your colleagues and friends. It offers various tools to improve the meeting experience, such as screen sharing, reactions, virtual backgrounds, chat, and recording.

Stay connected with Zoom plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs
Image source: Zoom

The service is free to use with basic functionality and offers paid plans with extra features like unlimited meeting duration, cloud storage, and higher attendee quota.

Zoom is available as a web, desktop, and mobile app for all systems. It also allows using the service outside these apps via SDKs to integrate video conferencing into any interface. We used this opportunity to create a Zoom plugin for ONLYOFFICE Docs.

How to use Zoom in ONLYOFFICE Docs

In ONLYOFFICE Docs, you get access to video and audio calls inside the editors. You can start, schedule, and join meetings, configure meeting parameters, and make use of all the essential Zoom tools in the familiar interface.

Installing the plugin

Enabling the plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs server and cloud editions is easy.

Go to the Plugin Manager in the Plugins tab, find Zoom and simply click Install. The plugin will appear in Plugins tab.

The Zoom plugin is not available in the ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors app yet.

Connecting your Zoom account

When you launch the addon, you will need to log in to your Zoom account in order to use the app.

However, instead of your username-password pair you will need to use the SDK credentials created in the Zoom App Marketplace. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Register at Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Create an SDK and a JWT for your app in the Created Apps section.
  3. On the login screen, enter your email and the obtained items: SDK Key, SDK Secret, and JWT token.

Stay connected with Zoom plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs

Creating or scheduling a meeting

Once you enter your Zoom account, you can create or schedule a new meeting. The default name for the event will be the name of the document, but you can change it to any desirable name.

To create a new meeting, click the Start meeting button. The meeting credentials will be dropped in the document chat so you can share them with others and use them to login the meeting yourself.

Stay connected with Zoom plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs

To schedule a meeting, click the corresponding button on the screen. Here, you can set the meeting date and duration and configure the advanced settings (ID, password, Waiting Room, timezone, and recurrence). Click Save once everything is set.

Stay connected with Zoom plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs

Joining a meeting

To join a meeting that you created or were invited to, switch to Joining meeting in the bottom left corner.

Fill in all the necessary data: name, meeting ID, email, and password. Select your role, meeting region, and meeting language.

Stay connected with Zoom plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs

Click Join to enter the meeting or Copy Direct join link to create a ready link you can use to enter the meeting from anywhere.

Once you enter the meeting, a Zoom window will open within the plugin panel. Like in your usual Zoom call, here you can enable or disable microphone and camera, perform various actions, and enter the full screen mode.

Stay connected with Zoom plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs

Get the Zoom plugin in the updated Plugin Manager

You can use Zoom in all all editions of ONLYOFFICE Docs. The plugin is already available in the Plugin Manager of the cloud solutions located in the Plugins tab of the editors.

Stay connected with Zoom plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs

We also improved the Plugin Manager interface and mechanics, making it even more convenient to use. Here’s what’s new:

  • App search;
  • Categories for easy navigation;
  • Bug fixes and improvements.