ONLYOFFICE trends and plans for 2023: what the future holds

29 December 2022By Ksenija

After summing up all the results of 2022, we invite you to look into the future and find out about our plans for the next year. Curious? Keep reading.

ONLYOFFICE trends and plans for 2023: what the future holds

Trending directions

Taking into consideration all the job we did in the previous several years, many of you can guess yourselves which milestones are important to us and which aspects we pay attention to. So, we would name four main trends in our further development for the next year:

  • security — to make your work with all kinds of office documents even more protected;
  • usability — to provide you with an excellent user experience;
  • integrations — to make ONLYOFFICE available to as many users as possible;
  • collaboration — to ensure effective coordination for teams of any size and in any environment.


If we talk about security, one of the main enhancements here is awaited in the version 7.3 of ONLYOFFICE Docs which will bring recipient roles for field filling and e-signatures. This way you will be able to assign various roles to users who interact with fields in your form. Each field can be restricted from filling out or available for signing only.

Quick tip: to take a deep look into our forms, explore the OFORM specification.

Another update – ONLYOFFICE Workspace 12.5 – will also feature new security options to set time limits and passwords for externally shared documents as well as better protect the login procedure. Besides, we are planning to add extended password protection for all types of office files.


Usability trend implies adding new useful features in all ONLYOFFICE solutions along with interface improvements. It’s exactly what we are going to do.

Among helpful novelties you will be able to find an updated plugin manager for one-click plugin installation in the desktop app, Dark theme in our productivity platform, SmartArt in the editors, Paste Special for slides, and much more.

Quick tip: watch this video to learn how our plugin marketplace works.

This year, we also made a lot to enhance work with fonts (including implementation of the HarfBuzz text shaping library and support for ligatures). And we are planning to further work in this direction. One of the next steps on our roadmap is adding RTL support.


Integrations — both internal and external ones — play an important role in the ONLYOFFICE ecosystem. For now, we count more than 30 ready-to-use connectors which allow using our editors within other cloud services as well as more than 30 plugins which bring extra third-party features to the editors.

Quick tip: explore all available integrations on this page, plugins can be found here.

Our plans for the next year include new integrations with the following platforms and services:

  • Zoom
  • Confluence Cloud
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Monday
  • Discourse
  • SuiteCRM
  • Pipedrive
  • Odoo

By the way, some of the options on the list became technically available thanks to the SaaS deployment model of ONLYOFFICE Docs.


Collaboration is, of course, of a great importance for lots of teams, including distributed groups and those who work remotely.

In this regard, we are already working on a brand-new product to introduce a new way to collaborate on documents with colleagues, partners, and customers. Stay tuned!

Quick tip: read inspiring customer testimonials to learn more about how other users boost team collaboration with ONLYOFFICE.

What else, this year we updated our Channel Partner Program and are planning to further extend the constantly growing network of partners, resellers and integrators who help us bring high-quality office software to the existing corporate ecosystems all over the world.

ONLYOFFICE trends and plans for 2023: what the future holds

See you in 2023!