How ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud ensure secure document workflows within a huge online meme community

15 September 2021By Sergey

In today’s success story, we are going to tell you about Goodanimemes, an online meme community on Reddit that uses ONLYOFFICE Docs and Nextcloud to streamline workflow processes across its team of 29 moderators.
How ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud ensure secure document workflow within a huge online meme community

About Goodanimemes

Goodanimemes is a big Reddit community that revolves around anime with the aim of making funny memes. Created in 2020, now the community is moderated by a team of 29 volunteers belonging to different cultures all over the world.

At Goodanimemes, the whole moderation team follows two main principles:

  • Strict democracy meaning that everyone has an equal say in the decisions;
  • No leadership due to the complete equality of all teammates.

While moderating the community, the team members try to learn new skills that might be useful like holding meetings and working with all kinds of different software tools.

Currently, the Reddit community is made up of almost 400.000 like-minded people, and there are about 15.000 users on Discord.

Why Nextcloud

When the community was created, the Goodanimemes moderation team needed a storage solution to save files online and access them anywhere. They tried to use Google Drive but ended up abandoning it because there were no collaborative and user management capabilities.

Keeping one Google account for all moderators was not a good idea — those who had left the team could still access some information that was supposed to be secret. Moreover, some members didn’t like Google and its products.

Taking privacy issues into consideration, the moderators decided to set up a self-hosted file storage instead of Google Drive. They opted for Nextcloud for two main reasons:

  • It doesn’t sell user data;
  • It comes with the ability to manage users and access permissions to various files.

Although Nextcloud was a pain to install and configure, it was definitely worth the hassle because the team got a secure file server with collaborative features where users can be removed and added when needed.


Apart from a secure file-sharing solution, the moderators also needed an online office suite so that everyone could collaborate on the same document in real time. Discussing ideas for creating anime memes within a distributed team was challenging.

The team members chose ONLYOFFICE Docs because it allowed them to create and edit documents online as well as collaborate together on the same content. On top of that, ONLYOFFICE Docs could be integrated with Nexctloud, the community’s file-sharing solution. Its installation was quick and simple with a couple of clicks.

Secure document workflow

The combined ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud solution allows the moderation team to have a seamless document workflow where every moderator, no matter where they live, can participate in making decisions by helping out with creative ideas and stay informed about what happens in the community.

They use Nextcloud to share files that are bigger than 100 MB and organize folders for stuff from other users.

ONLYOFFICE Docs helps take notes during online meetings and makes it easier to co-edit documents because everyone can add their own ideas in real time. The moderation team also uses the online editors to collaborate with other people and communities.

So far, all this works out pretty well.

Most needed ONLYOFFICE features

Among the most useful features of ONLYOFFICE Docs, the Goodanimemes moderators mention the following:

  • creating text documents;
  • real-time co-editing;
  • support for all kinds of office document formats.

Emily from Goodanimemes says:

Using ONLYOFFICE helps us make organizational documents and work better together.