Version 6.1 of ONLYOFFICE Docs is available as Snap

29 January 2021By Nadya

Great news everyone!

You can now install the newest version of ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition as snap on all major Linux distros.

Version 6.1 of ONLYOFFICE Docs is available as Snap

What’s in v6.1

  • Endnotes. Insert references at the end of a section/document.
  • Cross-references. Create links to other parts of the document you are working on — charts, tables, bookmarks, etc.
  • Line counting. ONLYOFFICE document editor can automatically count the lines in a document and display the number beside each line of your text.
  • Work with chart data. Edit and rearrange the data series and categories easily, swap rows and columns.
  • New proofing options. Edit math autocorrect options for equations, decide which expressions should be recognized as functions, choose whether you want to use autocorrect as you type.
  • New Google Translate plugin. Quickly translate necessary parts of your doc.

How to install

Use this command:

sudo snap install onlyoffice-ds

Note that you should have snapd installed. If don’t have it, check out the official instructions.


ONLYOFFICE Docs installation contains the document, spreadsheet, and presentation editors. You can host the editors yourself and integrate them with the sync&share solution of your choice, including ONLYOFFICE Groups, Nextcloud, ownCloud, Seafile, etc.