ONLYOFFICE comes to Liferay Marketplace with a new official connector

12 December 2019By Vlad

Good news, everyone!

From now on you can use our official connector for Liferay, which is open-source and available on Marketplace totally free. Read this article for more details.

Liferay-ONLYOFFICE integration plugin and its features

Liferay connector allows editing office documents from Liferay collaboratively in real time using ONLYOFFICE online editors and saving the changed document back to Liferay.

Currently you can use the plugin to open and edit DOCX, XLSX, PPTX documents and view documents of the following formats: ODT, ODS, ODP, DOC, XLS, PPT.

What should I know before the installation?

Here is a couple of things which may help you get started:

  • To connect ONLYOFFICE to Liferay, you will need an instance of ONLYOFFICE Online Editors that is resolvable and connectable both with Liferay and any end clients. Besides, ONLYOFFICE Online Editors must be able to post to Liferay directly.
  • You can choose among ONLYOFFICE Community Edition* for a small team with max. 20 connections and ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition, which is a scalable enterprise solution with professional tech assistance and three tariff plans – for up to 50/100/200 connections (more connections are available on request).
  • The easiest way to start an instance of ONLYOFFICE online editors is to use Docker.
  • You can compile an integration plugin yourself. To do so, simply run gradle build. Output .jar will be placed inside build/libs directory.

*Community Edition has online editors AND collaboration platform. If you are planning to use the editors within Liferay, out of the whole pack you’ll need only Document Server.

How to install and configure the connector

Piece of cake!

If you prefer a ready-to-use plugin you can simply get it on Marketplace.

If you’ve built the plugin yourself simply put the compiled .jar file from build/libs folder to /opt/liferay/deploy.

In both cases Liferay will install the plugin automatically.

After the installation you obtain a new ONLYOFFICE Edit/View menu option within the Documents and Media section for Office documents.

To configure the plugin, open System Settings (Control Panel -> Configuration -> System Settings). In Platform section click on Connectors category and select ONLYOFFICE. In System settings you can also manage server addresses and JWT Secret which protects documents from unauthorized access.

Useful links

Visit GitHub to find code repositories of the connector.

Find the detailed API Documentation on Liferay-ONLYOFFICE integration plugin.

Follow these installation instructions to set up ONLYOFFICE online editors.

Learn about ONLYOFFICE’s attendance at Liferay Boot Camp in May 2019.

Check a full list of connectors developed by ONLYOFFICE or our official technology partners.


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