TeamLab 7.5 – Release Notes

28 October 2013By Nina

Hello everyone! We’re very excited to tell you about the latest updates in TeamLab Office. Here are the raw facts on what’s new in your cloud office.


This time a lot of new functionality has been added to CRM module. The major update concerns its integration with TeamLab email aggregator:

1. Send emails to your client directly from his profile or the list of contacts via “write a message” button. Once click the button you’ll be immediately directed to the mail module with the “send to” field completed.

2. See the whole email conversation thread with a client in one click. Check “View mailing history” button when you’re in the client’s profile.

3. Export emails to CRM. Open the message, check “Actions” button in the right upper corner and choose “Export to CRM” option.

4. Link threads or single messages to CRM elements. Choose a thread and open it, сlick the More button in the upper part of the page and select the Link with CRM option.

On the element description page in the CRM module you also can:

  • see not only the messages of the thread that have already been sent or received but the new ones as well;
  • open any message by clicking its subject;
  • open the attached files by clicking the Show files link;
  • delete a message by clicking the Delete icon next to it.

5. Check new contact filers: sort persons by First Name, Last Name or use displayname for all other types of filtering. Note: Creation Date filter is set by default.

6. “Create new taskgroup action has been added. Choose several contacts in the list and click “Create new task” in the upper menu. Individual tasks with similar description will be added for each contact.

7. From now on you can assign responsible (contact) managers for each CRM contact. Please note! By default the access is granted to contact managers only.

access rights for crm 7.5

8. Contact type is now called contact temperature level. You can set temperature level for each type of contact individually even if a company and a person are related.

Gantt Chart has been added to TeamLab Office. To activate it go to the Projects Module and choose the necessary one. Once you open the project overview check the upper right corner – you’ll see a “Gantt Chart” button.  We’ve devoted a whole separate post to this long-awaited feature. Read it here >>

Speed Up
Code controls have been rewritten in order to speed up TeamLab page-in. Please note: first time you enter a page it may be even a bit slower than before. It happens because of the caching process. Once it’s done the speed up activates.

That’s all for today. Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions and have a good one! 🙂