TeamLab project management module enhancements

19 November 2010By Nina

As promised in the previous post about our roadmap, 3 days ago we released the new interim version of the TeamLab portal. Considering that the largest number of improvements was introduced in the Projects module, I’d like to tour you through its new features and enhancements.

Time tracking

We have added an optional Time Tracking feature to Projects module. Now you can log time and add details to the accomplished work directly from the Tasks page by clicking on the clock icon against the task title.
Time tracking feature
Under the Time Tracking tab you can take a quick look at how much time you and your teammates have spent working on a particular task within a project. Here you can also edit work time & description and generate time-tracking reports in one click.

Time tracking tab
As I’ve mentioned above Time Tracking is optional. You can disable this feature along with other TeamLab modules and features on the Settings page. It’s also possible to change order of the tabs within Community and Projects modules.

Easier file management

Managing project-related files becomes more convenient. Now you can organize all your files by categories and get access to the required data instantly. File version support allows you to update version of any file. Later on you can refer to previous versions in case you need to restore any information.

File management
Now it’s also possible to attach files to tasks so that user working on a specific task can access useful documents easily.

Project tags

You can add multiple tags to projects and then organize them and search for the necessary ones quickly using the Tags filter.

Project tags

Tasks – drag & drop sorting

In previous versions project tasks were sorted automatically: first by priority and then by creation date. Now you can manually sort tasks within a milestone.
Task sorting

Tasks with no assignee

You can create tasks with no assignee. This can be useful in the project planning phase when you know what should be done to complete a milestone but aren’t sure to whom you should assign a task. Later on any of your teammates can accept the task by clicking on the appropriate button.

Task with no assignee

Enhanced reports

Now you can save report parameters as a template and adjust settings to have reports automatically generated and delivered via e-mail.

On many pages within the project management module you can also find links to view reports automatically generated for the related content.

Discussions – manage subscribers

Now you can invite any portal member to join a project discussion. This can be useful in case you need to discuss a project-related issue with a person who doesn’t participate in the current project.

So, these are all the Projects improvements. In the further posts I will cover the rest of the new TeamLab features. Stay tuned 😉