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TeamLab Documents Get a New Uniform Format

A much-anticipated change in the work with documents in your TeamLab Office is coming. In this post we’d like to officially say good bye to TeamLab internal formats – .doct, .xlst, .pptt – and welcome the well-known format of Microsoft … Read more


Displaying Documents from TeamLab Office Directly on Your Webpage

Hello to everyone! Today you will learn how to embed a text file, presentation, spreadsheet stored in your TeamLab Office into your mobile or web application, website or blog. All the visitors of your website or application users will be … Read more


100 Raw Facts about TeamLab Office Edition. Part I.

We‘ve launched the campaign about the upcoming update named “100 raw facts about TeamLab Office Edition“. Every day we post a bunch of fresh facts on TeamLab new version in social networks. For those of you missing out on our … Read more


TeamLab Summer Upgrade Series: New Document Editor

Another summer week and some of you are probably lying on the beach with a refreshing mojito in hand. Meanwhile TeamLab  keeps on upgrading regardless of these tempting sunny days to make a surprise for you when you’re back from … Read more


Creating and Managing TeamLab Documents Collaboratively

Want to share and work collaboratively with documents? Need to edit spreadsheets, presentations or drawings shared with you online? Want to be notified as soon as you get access rights to a file, if the file shared with you has … Read more


Teamlab Docs – More Options for More Convenient Work

Dear Teamlab users! We are glad to start this year with the important updates of Teamlab Documents Module. From now on you can enjoy the new interface and features which will hopefully make your document management easier and more efficient.


Access Rights Management within the Documents Module

In this post I’ll continue the topic of Access Rights Management we discussed last time, but today I’ll consider the Documents module from this point of view. The Documents module of TeamLab platform represents a place where all the files … Read more


TeamLab Documents: Manage documents workflow right on your company portal

Good news for TeamLab users- as promised in our previous posts, we have released the Documents module. This module lets you create, edit, store and share data with your colleagues right on the portal with no software installation needed. In … Read more


How to launch Open Office on your portal?

Having introduced Documents module, we decided to explain the way it works to anticipate your possible questions and doubts. As mentioned in our post, TeamLab Documents operation requires no installation of office software. Ability to create and edit documents on … Read more