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ONLYOFFICE 2016 Roadmap: What to Expect

As we start the new year, it’s time to look forward to seeing what ONLYOFFICE comes up with for the upcoming months. So here’s a short roadmap.  


100 Raw Facts about TeamLab Office Edition. Part I.

We‘ve launched the campaign about the upcoming update named “100 raw facts about TeamLab Office Edition“. Every day we post a bunch of fresh facts on TeamLab new version in social networks. For those of you missing out on our … Read more


Importing Data from Google Apps into TeamLab

Hello to everyone, The topic of my today’s post is data transfer from Google Apps to your TeamLab portal. Let’s stipulate at the very beginning what exactly you can import: contacts from your Google account as TeamLab portal users, your … Read more


Synchronizing TeamLab Calendar with Other Calendars

Within the last few months we’ve received a lot of inquiries concerning the synchronization feature in TeamLab Calendar – the majority of TeamLab users have been looking forward to it, and finally a week ago this option was added to … Read more


TeamLab CRM & Calendar Updates

Dear users, we have recently introduced important and highly demanded changes in CRM and Calendar. Here is a short list of them: CRM: 1. Website contact form. Use it to build a form, that you can publish on your site … Read more


Sharing Option within TeamLab Calendar

The today’s post I’ll also devote to the calendar feature recently included into TeamLab. One of the options offered within TeamLab Calendar is sharing events added to personal calendars and the whole calendars with your colleagues who are also registered … Read more


Calendars in TeamLab Calendar

Within the last few weeks we received several questions concerning calendars which can be found in TeamLab Calendar, that’s why I decided to devote the today’s post to this topic. All of you surely know how to access TeamLab calendar … Read more


Event Types in TeamLab Calendar

TeamLab Calendar represents a convenient tool for planning your working day, week, month or even year. Here you can create, edit, share various events. The following unusual types can be singled out from the mass of calendar events: all-day events, … Read more


What’s next, TeamLab?

This month we have received several requests from our users asking to post about TeamLab future enhancements. We couldn’t but follow your wish – today we publish the list of the upcoming new features and solutions. TeamLab mobile application is … Read more